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Tinubu /Omo-Agege And Their Dual Domineering Debut In Delta



Ovie Omo Agege


By Bala Ibrahim.

Since the flag off of the All Progressive Congress, APC, Presidential campaign in Jos last week, the presidential candidate of the party, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has been moving with special skills and unique political maneuverers. This is so because everywhere he goes, he receives an outlandish reception from the public, who seem convinced, that indeed he is destined to be the next President of Nigeria. But the reception in Warri today, came with an extraordinary intimidation, courtesy of the popularity and support for the Deputy Senate President, Sen. Ovie Omo Agege, in whom destiny is making a gesture with the hand, to take over the leadership of the state, come 2023.

Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu arrived Warri, the Delta State capital for a mega rally at the Warri township stadium, accompanied by the top brass of the APC, including the governorship candidate of the state, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege and his deputy, Hon. Friday Osanebi. As expected,because of the popularity of Omo Agege,the venue of the rally was filled to full capacity by supporters, who came to give the duo of Tinubu and Omo Agege the assurance of victory.

To the loud applause of the Deltan enthusiasts, the Deputy Senate President and the Gubernatorial candidate of the APC, Senator Omo Agege, after going through the protocol, where he acknowledged the presence of many people, including the National chairman of the party, Sen.Abdullahi Adamu, Turakin Keffi, whom he described as “my co conspirator” and who was ably represented by the Deputy National Chairman, South, Chief Emma Eneukwe, said and I quote,

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“My incoming President, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, I want to say on behalf of all Deltans, you are welcome. Delta is suppose to be the richest state in Nigeria, with all the money coming to the state from the Federation account, but there is nothing to show that is commensurate to what the state is receiving. Warri has become the Keke capital of Nigeria. Our people are tired of suffering. They want the narrative changed. All Delatans are tired of Okowa’s recklessness of borrowing. That is why I, Ovie Omo Agege, is today, formally putting myself forward as the candidate for the Governor in 2023. I have served as Executive Assistant to the Governor. I was a member of the executive council. I was Secretary to the Government. A senator, representing Delta Central, and the Deputy Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I would put all these experiences to the service of the people. There is no part of the state where my impact is not felt, including the home town of the bad governor. I achieved all these because I am a senator who belongs to the ruling party. For us to continue enjoying these, we need to elect Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, whom I know very well”- DSP Omo Agege.

Many speakers, including the former national chairman of the APC, Chief Adams Oshiomole, eulogized Omo Agege, and called on the people to ensure his victory, because it would be victory for the state in particular, and victory for the region in general.

When he mounted the podium, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed did not mince words, in calling on the people to do the right thing.

“For me, I want to say thank you very, very much. You have been here since morning. You’ve shown us love. You’ve shown us determination. You’ve shown us civilization. You’ve shown that you want change. You’ve heard from the Senate President, that Senator Ovie Omo Agege is the next governor that would develop your state. That would work with me as the president, to bring back hope and development. What does Ovie means: progress. What does Omo Agege means: development. He means Hope, renewed Hope. Your ports, your steel industry, the Onne and many other areas of development, your fish industry, your aluminium smelter, they are not for sale, they are for development. When last they stole it, where is the money? How long have they been there? They don’t have the vision. They don’t have the brain. They don’t have the knowledge. They don’t know the road to prosperity. We know the way. Go to Lagos and see development. Go to Lagos and see prosperity. Go to Lagos and see records of beautiful people. Progress is here, Omo Agege is here. Prosperity is here”-Asiwaju.

In announcing the position of the National chairman of the APC, the Deputy national chairman, south, chief Emma Eneukwe said:

“The national chairman had asked me to tell Deltans that we have brought good commodities, and when you bring good commodities to the market, you don’t hide yourself. The candidate the party is presenting for the presidency has shown Nigerians that he has the capacity to deliver Nigeria. He delivered Lagos state at a time when it was very critical. And now that it’s also critical to the country, God had sent him to deliver Nigeria. The person who is going to be the governor of Delta state, has also proven himself beyond reasonable doubt. These are people of experience, people of sagacity, people who have proven themselves in the politics of Nigeria. So we are presenting to Nigeria, great products that would take us to the promised land”- Chief Emma Eneukwe.

So in the light of the intimidating crowd gathered, and the purity of the personalities present, one can undoubtedly say that, the rally today in Delta, was not only a show of political force, but a domineering debut, for the duo of Tinubu and Ovie Omo Agege.


Juicy Ministries and the Geo-Political Zones of their Respective Senior Ministers.



Abubakar Dauda

By Abubakar Sadiq Dauda

The region of the bosses of the Super Ministries i.e. Ministries that have either a large budget size for capital expenditure or juicy parastatals under its supervision are as thus:

Works – South-East
Transportation – North-East
Power – South-West
Petroleum – South-South
Gas Resources – South-South
Finance – South-West
Communications – South-West
F.C.T. – South-South
Interior – South-West
Marine – South-West
Aviation – South-South
Defence – North-West
Police Affairs – North-East
Education – North-East
Health – North-East
Agriculture – North-East
Solid Minerals – South-West
Humanitarian – South-South

Take it or leave it, the North-west and the North-central zones did not get their fair portions, due to the fact that, this administration secured more votes in the Northwest and North-central zones combined, if compared to the total score secured in the remaining four Geo-political zones combined.

Read also: Ministerial Nominee’s: Between Fair Proportions and Political Relevance.

However, delivering his remark after the swearing-in, President Tinubu reminded the Ministers that they are ministers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and not Ministers of a particular region or state.

I want to believe and pray that the Ministers will be fair to all states and regions in terms of project delivery and job allocations.

Sadiq is a political analyst and observer, writes from Kano and can be reached via, sadiqdauda55@gmail.com

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EXCLUSIVE:Crisis in Former Governor Ganduje’s Camp Halts President Tinubu From Sending Ministerial Nominations From Kano



Last week, President Bola Ahmad Tinubu submitted 28 ministerial nominations, excluding 11 states, including Kano. A source revealed to NIGERIAN TRACKER  that the former Governor of Kano state, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, is insisting on submitting the name of APC returning officer for the Gubernatorial election in Kano, Engineer Rabiu Suleiman Bichi.

However, the APC Gubernatorial candidate in Kano, Alhaji Nasiru Yusuf Gawuna, is also pressuring to have his name included in the list for onward submission to the Senate for screening.

Exclusive: Kano Political Crisis Delays Tinubu From Sending Ministerial Nominations From Kano

The source added that the APC Governorship candidate is now sending emissaries to Governor Ganduje, urging him to submit his name as the ministerial nominee from Kano.

President Bola Ahmad Tinubu promised two ministerial slots for Kano, one for the NNPP National leader, Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, and one from the Gandujiyya camp of former Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje. Since Ganduje did not scale through the hurdles required to become a minister in President Tinubu’s cabinet, the President gave him the right to nominate a minister, which is now causing tensions within former Governor Ganduje’s political camp.

The source also informed NIGERIAN TRACKER that when President Bola Ahmad Tinubu submits the next nominations from Kano, it will be Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, the NNPP National leader, and one other nominee to be chosen by former Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje.

Another source has informed NIGERIAN TRACKER that the camp of the defunct Action Congress Of Nigeria in Kano, led by President Tinubu in the 2007 and 2011 elections, is insisting on appointing the Gubernatorial candidate of the party in 2011 and former Deputy Governor Of Kano state, Engineer Abdullahi Tijjani Muhammad Gwarzo.

The reasons given by former ACN stalwarts for President Tinubu appointing Engineer ATM Gwarzo into his cabinet are that President Tinubu is known for rewarding loyalty, and being his long-time ally, Engineer Gwarzo is among the most suitable candidates for a ministerial position in Kano.

Accordingly, President Tinubu is expected to contact the former Governor of Kano state, Malam Ibrahim Shekarau, despite currently being in PDP, due to his role in the formation of APC in 2011.

The source also mentioned that President Tinubu is not rushing to appoint ministers from Kano, as the appointment may have the blessings of the 14th Emir of Kano, whom President Tinubu may contact before finalizing the list from Kano.

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Exclusive:Tinubu’s Plan to Strengthen Political Base: Kwankwaso Considered for Cabinet Position”



Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso

In order to consolidate his political base across the country, strong indications have shown that President Bola Ahmad Tinubu has finally decided to bring in NNPP National leader, Engineer Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, into his cabinet.

A source, who is privy to the situation, informed NIGERIAN TRACKER that Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso has made it to the list of ministerial nominees of President Bola Ahmad Tinubu.

Before being sworn in on May 29, 2023, indications emerged that there were twists in the effort to make Kwankwaso one of President Tinubu’s cabinet members. However, the former Governor, who used his political influence to capture the whole of Kano, faced stiff opposition from the APC led by the former Governor of Kano, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje.

It was reported that Kwankwaso laid down some stringent conditions that could not be met by President Bola Ahmad Tinubu. Despite that, Tinubu still wants to make him his cabinet member due to the political influence of Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso.

The Senate was expected to read the names of the nominees, including Kwankwaso’s name, but the Senate adjourned to the following Tuesday.

The source confidently said, “Kwankwaso’s name is on the list because President Bola Tinubu is highly interested in working with him. He was impressed by how Kwankwaso’s party, NNPP, captured an important state like Kano.

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