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How I Became A Multimillionaire In Nigeria – Hadiza Gabon



Hadiza Gabon



Hadiza Aliyu Gabon is 32-years-old. She was born on 19th June 1989 in Libreville the Capital of Gabon. She obtained a Diploma in French from Ecol de Francaise Gabonese in Gabon a Higher Institution based in Gabon Republic.

After obtaining her diploma in French in 2006, she decided to come to Nigeria, Kaduna in particular. In 2007, her intention was to further her studies and become either a diplomat or an international model, but when she came to Kaduna in 2007 to stay with her sister that is married she developed an interest in acting, but at that time, she could not speak either Hausa or English.


Also, on enquiries, she was told of how corrupt the Hausa based Kannywood industry is, especially if she wants to make it in acting, she must be prepared to compromise her body. This means directors or producers will take advantage of her before giving her a role in their films, this has made her a bit skeptical about joining the industry from the beginning. If she was to continue with her education and later take up a job either in a foreign affairs ministry or in modelling, she would need money to achieve these desire.

KannyWood Actress Wants Commit Suicide

Later, she decided to approach the King of Kannywood Ali Nuhu to assist her to join Kannywood so that she can raise money and set up an NGO where she can help the less privileged in the society considering the fact that she too came from a poor background.


Hadiza Aliyu Gabon according to those who relate with her very closely, is very obedient, hardworking, deeply religious, very beautiful, and she can operate freely in any environment. Since her arrival in Nigeria in 2006, she has become successful that today she is the envy of other actresses in the industry. In fact, you will never hear Hadiza Gabon involve in crisis except for her open quarrel with Amina Amal 3 years ago that will tarnish her image, though there are speculations about her relationship with some successful actors in Kannywood yet, you cannot mention a single person that will say he has ever taken this beautiful actress to bed though some close to her have a different opinion.


However, recently she had a serious quarrel with Nafisa Abdullahi another beautiful Kannywood actress. In fact, the Kano chapter of the Motion Picture Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MOPPAN) had to intervene to settle the rift which nearly pulled down the industry. Some stakeholders of the industry wanted both of them expelled, but this will affect the industry because one of its prominent actress Rahama Sadau is already on expulsion.

Nobody can tell what actually led to the quarrel, some are saying Nafisa Abdullahi is jealous of Hadiza Gabon’s close working relationship with Adam Zango who is Nafisa Abdullahi’s longtime boyfriend, while others are saying they fought because of an issue that cannot be reported in the media. But whatever is the case, Gabon who was the first to win Kwankwasiyya best actress award, an award also from AMMA and other organizations, is today an ambassador with MTN and other multi-national companies.

Recently, she set up a multi-million naira boutique on Waff Road, Kaduna opposite Benue Plaza. She also bought a House in Kano and Kaduna, she has chains of cars and a very fat bank account according to those close to her. Her ultimate desire now is to settle down as a married woman and set up an NGO that she will use to assist widows, orphans, the less privileged, and to also be organizing forums that will educate women on how to be successful housewives.

Hadiza Aliyu Gabon spoke with Neptune Prime’s correspondent recently in Kano, Saleh Inuwa in which she spoke on many issues including using film to unite African countries. How she suffered before she made it in life, marriage, challenges as a single beautiful lady that is already successful in a foreign country, those she admired in life, in Kannywood, in politics, in modelling, in academia and in Islamic Jurisprudence.


Neptune Prime: When you came to Nigeria in 2007 after completing your diploma from a Higher Institution in the Gabon Republic, how did you relate with Nigerians since, at that time, you don’t speak both English or Hausa?

Hadiza: First, when I came, to stay with my sister in Kaduna, already I had a diploma in French which you rightly mentioned, I did not come here to waste my precious life, as such, I contemplated continuing with my studies up to degree level but I discovered that only a few institutions here offered French Courses. I have this desire to set up an NGO and help the less privileged especially Gabonese Nationale that are staying in Nigeria that are poor. Basically, I want to be a diplomat and an ambassador of my country, but I had financial limitation I, therefore, decided to join Kannywood to raise money and establish myself as a businesswoman then get married and settle down permanently in Nigeria.

NP: As I speak to you, you speak both Hausa and English fluently, how did that happen, did you engage people to teach you how to speak English and Hausa?

Hadiza: Well, honestly I did not have it easy, but because I also want to act in Kannywood in which I must speak Hausa fluently because there are some words or terminologies in film script or interpretation that one can find it difficult to adopt if your Hausa is not good, so I went to Kano and stayed briefly with H.R.B the popular Kano base film producing company learning Hausa. I also appeared in films from time to time but I did not make any impact and so I left. Later Ali Nuhu assisted me and linked me with Yakubu Lere the Chief Executive Officer of Lerawa Films then in 2010, he featured me in his famous and popular film “WASILA”, before then, in 2008, Ishaq Sidi Ishaq gave me a role in a film called “ARTABU”, I featured alongside popular actors and actresses but I faced a lot of challenges even though I did my best not to be intimidated.

NP: Today, you are the face of MTN, you are also doing commercials for other companies, and you are equally one of the sought after actresses in Kannywood, you are also beautiful by all standard, did you zip down for you to be successful?

Hadiza: Well, today I can mention four to five films that made me not only a household name, but that has also fetched me a fortune. First is “BABBAN ZAURE” that film as far as I am concerned is still my best film some people were not happy when I was given the lead role in that film then, “BASAJA”, “GWASKA”, “YAR MAYE” and “MIJIN BIZA”, these films are very successful in the market that has also given me the financial resources to also invest in other films. I am very proud of my role in “YAR MAYE” and “BASAJA” where I was given the task to arrest an international fraudster a role played by Adamu A. Zango. The film took us to Niger and Ghana and other countries. As we speak, by the grace of God, I perform lesser Hajj (Ummrah) severally, I also performed Hajj, I have where I can call my own, I mean my own house, I have good cars to ride, I have a very big boutique on Waff Road, Kaduna. My prayer now is to get married and settle down and have children because, as a 32-year-old woman, I am not growing younger.

NP: Do you have enemies in Kannywood, because recently, you had a serious problem with Nafisa Abdullahi and it took officers of MOPPAN Kano Chapter to settle the two of you, what was the genesis of your fight?

Hadiza: Yes, we had a misunderstanding, with my sister Nafisa Abdullahi but we have settled our differences and we are now best of friends. As for enemies, Hadiza Aliyu Gabon is like holy water, I don’t have enemies, in fact, as a Muslim, I am not supposed to have enemies which is why I refuse to be in any relationship in Kannywood. Though you will be hearing stories, I have the desire to continue producing films even after I settled down as a married woman. Already I have businesses here and there, but most importantly, I want to thank Nigerians for accepting me to be one of them and today, some of them love my films more than even actresses that are from Nigeria. I also mind my business not to embarrass my country, because I am supposed to be an ambassador to my Country in Nigeria. Kannywood today is a very big industry that everybody can come and make his own impact, on the issue of sexual harassment, no lady can be sexually harassed if she is not interested in the first place, we are in a civilized society, nobody will harass you if you did not give the sign that you are ready to play ball.

NP: Who do you admire most in Kannywood?

Hadiza: If you are talking of those I admire their acting skills, honestly they are many. Initially, I prefer to always mention Aminu Sherrif Momoh, but over time, I discovered that we have a lot of talented actors and actresses in Kannywood. Let me mention some and those that will not be able to mention should know that I also like their acting skills, so to mention a few they include: Aminu Sherrif Momoh, Ali Nuhu, Adam A. Zango, Sadiq Ahmad, Nuhu Abdullahi, Sadiq Sani Sadiq, Ibrahim Mai Shunku and many others. On the side of female actresses, I admire Hadiza Aliyu Gabon laughter, that is my humble self, Rahama Hassan though she is married now, Mansura Isah who is also married, Halima Atete, Nafisa Abdullahi, Fati Washa, Jamila Nagudu, Hafsat Idris and many others that one will not have time to mention all of them.

Credit-Neptune Prime


Remembering my late sister: Hajiya Salamatu Ajiun Abdulrauf




By AbdurRaheem Sa’ad Dembo

It was at the peak of COVID-19 pandemic, precisely May 22nd, 2020 and a day to the end of Ramadan fast when death struck and took her away from us. On the 29th day of Ramadan, she was served her food to break fast but she could not, and that marked the end of an era in our family. Her selflessness was beyond
description. A good family woman who did not in any way jettison her family. She could travel from Lagos to Ilorin in order to attend family events as many times as possible within a year. She was not a millionaire but she had a heart of giving. Her investment on us has paid off.

We lost our father at a time some of us could not fend for ourselves but we have elder brothers, sisters and even cousins who were selfless, and they assisted us in actualizing our dreams. A woman would always be woman; they have large heart and there is a way they always do their things with care and spice. As an undergraduate student in Bayero University, Kano; before resuming to school for a new semester, it was willy-nilly to visit Lagos and get cash from her.

My observation of her was that of a woman with a great mind. She was not educated as such but had exposure that could match or compete with some who had privilege to get higher education. How do you know a great mind? Certainly, it is through selfless attitude and her contributions to humanity. There is no any discussion you would embark upon and she would not contribute immensely. At that point you would look and appreciate her for being an enlightened person.

I learnt the culture of giving from observing my father and selflessness of my brothers and sisters; it is a profitable enterprise. If I have had selfish brothers, sisters and cousins I might not have had the opportunity of going to school. I might have ended up somewhere less glamorous in the society. An educated person sometimes may not be rich or enmesh in a perpetual poverty but he would be free from shackles of ignorance and penury. Like the common saying “We are acquiring education to overcome or have a say over poverty” .But being educated and rich at the same time; ultimately the prerogative of Allah

If you are building somebody; you are invariably helping yourself. My sister is no more alive but her good deeds still illuminating and resonating in our minds. Despite her huge investment in us, she would never ask you to go and bring anything even though she deserved everything from us.

Significantly, it is not until one is rich before he or she can help. If one is waiting for that time, it may never come. Like the popular saying on the social media, “it is not the rich people that help, but the good people”.

My sister was blunt; if you had offended her she would tell you. She had no heart for malice. Another beautiful thing about her was the way she united the family. She did not belong to that class of women that would say “let us scatter everything”. Of course, if you scatter everything, everything would go worse.

If we’re alive and seeing each other; it is a rare opportunity to be kind and fair to one another. The reason is simple, because there would be a time death will overtake us one after the other and we would account for our deeds. We should always be patient with one another. A united family is far greater and stronger than the scattered ones.

On 12th December, 2023 I was in Lagos on official assignment, but I was not elated. I told my nephew that any time I was in Lagos it was usually a boring experience after my sister’s demise.

Eulogising our own Ajiun Omo Ade in a singular tone of mine won’t be sufficient and that’s why I had to reach out to some members of the family to tell their own perspective of her.

A foremost politician, Alhaji Ahmad Alfa Dembo describes her this way, “Ajiun united the family and would never want to see anyone in difficulty. She always rejoiced with whoever that was doing well among family members.She would ensure that she prevents anything that might pave way for misunderstanding among family members. She was a great lover of the family”

A retired Warrant Officer II , Nigerian Army, Mallam Usman Dembo captured her personality thus “She was very liberal , accommodating, and has no hate in her mind. She was honest and straight-forward .Above all ,she was always on the side of the truth.May Allah increase His mercy on her.

Alhaji Shuaib Lanre Dembo, a retired Training Manager, Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja said,” Ajiun was a team player who felt at home with everyone in the family irrespective of the lineage. She was so much loved by my wife because she accorded my wife the respect she gave me. She helped resolved some disputes I can’t mention here. She is really missed.”

The Imam of Masalasi Alfa n’ta ,Sheikh Salihu Sa’ad Dembo said Alhaja Ajiun was a good elder sister , who had done her best in uniting the family of her father and that of her husband. She was generous, prayerful, kind, and one who hardly gets angry. She was a guardian to him as her advice had worked for him on several occasions. He asserted that to the best of his knowledge, she was submissive and kind to her husband.He prayed Allah to overlook her inadequacies and that of her husband by granting them aljannah firdaus

Hajiya Maryam Imam Bashir, who is the second wife of Chief Imam of Ilorin describes her aptly: “She was kind and generous,and a family unifier.May Allah grant her aljannah firdaus”

Sheikh Hassan Sa’ad Dembo,who is also the Khalifatul Quadriyya in Portharcourt ,River State opines “Alhaja Salamatu Ajiun was a good sister, she united the family and was not selfish. She always stand with family members either in good or bad time. During my wedding she bought
clothes for me and my wife. If you visit her in Lagos she would treat you with comprehensive hospitality”

In the words of Ajanasi Makana,Mallam Yusuf Sa’ad Dembo, “She was so compassionate, kind, prayerful, and she loved saying the truth”

Mrs Shakira Abdulrauf is her eldest child. Here is what she has to say about her late mother,” My mother was not temperamental. She was kind, caring, and a family unifier.

She was so generous that she could spend her last kobo and began to look for another money the following day.

She had no hate and did not underrate anyone either among friends or family. May Allah continue to grant her mercy by granting her aljannah firdaus”

Yusuf Issa Aloba, a staff of Kwara Inland Revenue Service also has this to say about her
“She was generous to a fault, she was a pillar for me during my undergraduate days, She upheld the family ties.

I know I owe her a lot. I’m happy that at least I was able to visit her during an official training in Lagos, at the same house we used to stay whenever we went for holidays . She was very happy when she saw me, she said ” Amuda, eku ojo meta”

When I heard the news of her death I was shocked and I said to myself, I’m I dreaming? I wished she could live longer for me to reciprocate her generosity. May jannatul Firdaus be her final abode.”

Alhaja Ajiun was not only a sister but also Godsent. She understood me so much that by mere looking at me she knew what I wanted.May Allah forgive her shortcomings.

Finally, May Allah reward her with aljannah firdaus and bless her children she left behind.Ya Allah equally bless those who have touched our lives positively: family members, friends, and outsiders.

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Tribute To Late Justice Ahmad Belgore




By AbdurRaheem Sa’ad Dembo

Death is an inevitable
visitor. When it strikes its victims it’s usually the end of an era. It was in the morning of Eid-l-Fitri, which was 10th April, 2024 I read the news of the demise of Justice Ahmad Olanrewaju Belgore, who died the previous night. He was a star in the judiciary because of his piety, consistency and fairness.

Many prominent Nigerians have sent their condolences to his family, Ilorin Emirate and Nigeria judiciary. One significant thing about late Justice was the fact that his life as a judge was filled with face of humanity.

Emir of Ilorin Alhaji (Dr) Ibrahim Sulu-Gambari and Chairman of Kwara State Traditional Rulers Council in his condolence message described the demise of Justice Belgore as a big loss to the Ilorin Emirate and the Nation at large.

According to the Emir “Belgore was one of the finest justices that the Ilorin Emirate had ever produced, who contributed in no small measures to the growth and development of the judiciary in particular and humanity in general.He prayed that Almighty Allah accept his good deeds, forgive his shortcomings and admit
him into aljannah firdaus.

The Turaki of Ilorin Emirate, Senator Saliu Mustapha has also expressed grief over the death of the legal luminary, described him as a renowned jurist who lived and served the country with his knowledge of the law as an examplary member of the bench.

Senator Mustapha while commiserating with the Nigerian Bar Association on the death of Justice Ahmad Belgore noted that the late jurist contributed immensely to the development of his community and the state in general. Recalling his years of service in the judiciary where he worked with utmost dedication and bowed out in glory last year.

The Senate Committee Chairman on Agric production and Services condoled the Belgore family, The Emir of Ilorin, Ilorin Emirate Descendants Progressive Union, the people of Balogun Fulani Constituency, Associates and friends of the deceased over the demise of illustrious son of the Ilorin Emirate.He prayed Allah to overlook Justice Belgore misdeeds and grant him eternal rest.

Meanwhile, Kwara state Governor,AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq equally expressed sadness over the death of Justice Belgore who passed on Tuesday night.The Governor sent his heartfelt condolences to the entire Ilorin Emirate, and to the Belgores who have lost a rare gem.His Excellency prayed to Allah to forgive justice Belgore of his shortcomings, and admit him to aljannah firdaus.

The Nigerian Bar Association,The Lagos Lawyers and other prominent Nigerians have also mourned the late Ilorin born jurist, but mentioning all of them may not be necessary.

It is imperative to say that late Justice Ahmad Belgore was an incorruptible judge as he retired meritoriously last year.This was aptly captured by the words of Shehu Bashir,Esq “Justice Ahmad Belgore was a jurist with decency of conscience.He journeyed the delicate profession of adjudication with distinction and came out unblemished.

He was an incredibly tolerant, calm, generous, religious and extremely patient man.His propensity to generosity would almost make you think he had more than he was giving,yet he was undoubtedly incorruptible. And he would never make public his generosity to a third party.He was such a responsible gentleman.”

According to a retired judiciary staff who craved for anonymity, disclosed that in 2015 when his benefit has not been paid,he reached out to late Justice Ahmad Belgore and he gave him 120,000 naira as at that time.

Significantly,the late Justice has been described by many as an embodiment of humility, generosity and accessibility. In the words of Pharm Munirat Bello “He was a great icon of peace and beacon of hope to the less privileged, reliably a dependable pillar of support. His act of kindness could be likened to the scent of the natural musk, very calming yet so impactful. No life hardly gets in contact with him and fail to progress. He was gifted with a divine heart of generosity. An upright jurist to the core, an impeccable symbol of Islam. I have never for once seen him angry to the point of passing derogatory words, he could be stern but in a loving way”

Sheikh Saidu Ibrahim Maimasa is a close associate of late Justice Ahmad Belgore and he is also the Public Relations Officer of Markaz, recounted how helpful he was to him and other friends.He said describing his magnanimity and generosity would be inexhaustible.

He cited a case of a person whose house was forcefully taken and he approached Late Justice for possible redress at the Court of law.He explained that the justice told the man not to go to court, because there was no point going to court and win, and thereafter he lost his life.He later ensured that another house was erected for the man from his personal purse.

Furthermore,A family source disclosed that anything that has to do with Belgore’s family, the late Justice Ahmad Belgore was always at the forefront.Meaning he had imbibed the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in uniting the family.

In unraveling his unwavering support for the less privileged, a young man was said to have gone to his GRA residence and appealed to him that he wanted to go to school but he had no sponsor.The late Justice embraced him and sponsored his education throughout.

Parts of the traits of great men are humility and accessibility. If you are the type that cannot render help to people until an influential person in the society recommends them, then you may be far from circle of great men.Your door should be open for help , that is when you would be able to identify those whole truly need succour .

Justice Ahmad Belgore was never a religious bigot,According to Sheikh Saidu Ibrahim Maimasa “He had an open door policy, because he was very accessible.His security orderly was a Christian from Oyo State and he did not only sponsored his wedding but he was also there in person.He did not discriminate”

He was born on April 18,1953, Belgore studied Law at the prestigious Ahmadu Bello university (ABU),Zaria, where he bagged LL.B (Hons.) with specialisation in Islamic Law 1975 to 1978.He attended the Nigerian Law School, Victoria Island,Lagos between 1978/1979 session.

He was the presiding Justice of the Ilorin Division of the Court of Appeal before his retirement in April,2023.He was also former Chief Justice of the Gambia.Justice Ahmad was younger brother to former Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) Alfa Belgore.

There is no doubt about the fact that late Justice Ahmad Belgore had lived a life worthy of emulation.He was a regular reciter of holy Quran and a great scholar in his own class.He was the president of Darul-Uloom Alumni Association.

Perfection, they say, belongs to God. I pray Allah forgive his shortcomings and grant him aljannah firdaus.



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A Tribute to Barrister Sulaiman Ahmed Assayouty



Late Barrister Suleiman Ahmad Assayouty


By AbdurRaheem Sa’ad Dembo

Death is a reminder that this world is fleeting and interim. It has yet corroborated the assertion that we are strangers on this planet called, earth just as Barrister Assayouty has left us unannounced through the inevitable shackles of death

I was shocked because he was a brother that I knew very well as an undergraduate in Bayero University, Kano.He wasn’t a regular student as he was preoccupied with hustling in photography business.He usually stationed at the old site of Bayero University Kano where he carried out his business activities

I was at the new site and we had our regular photographer in person of Hope Photo there but whenever we were at the old site we patronised him.In fact his business point was a regular station for Ilorin Emirate students and other customers whenever they did not have lectures.

Since I left the University I have not heard or seeing him until the day he graduated from Law School and the same was posted on the BUK Alumni WhatsApp Group, Ilorin Emirate chapter.I knew within me that day that he struggled to attain the feat and I rejoiced with him through my comments.

We were all in BUK but Assayouty was an hustler and we patronized him not just because he was one of us but he’s very humble. He had a dream and he pursued it with tenacity, hardwork and prayers so he became a certified lawyer eventually. I was not even aware that he later had a Sayuti Cafe on campus,i got to know through BUK Chat zone on Facebook; an online medium for BUK students and others. I’m sure it was after we have left the school he operated the cafe business

From the Account of my friends and brothers that are resident in Kano, they said he was going to a Police Station in Tofa with his wife and his child yesterday 8th April,2024 before they had an accident that claimed his life and injured his wife and his child who are still in the hospital. I pray to Allah for their speedy recovery.

When a promising young man died it is usually tremendously painful because a dream has been shattered and retrogressed.The demise of Assayouty was one too many as it reinvigorated and rejuvenated the futility of this world.He laboured so hard to become a lawyer. He was studying Law in pari passu with hustling. How great would it have been if He had lived long to enjoy the fruit of his struggle?

According to Mallam Zakariya Bayero “we were staying in an uncompleted building together in 1998, he was running a diploma programme then”.

Barrister Yakubu Abdullahi reacted to my Facebook post about his demise thus “May Allah admit him to Jannat, his death is shocking, I know him as a struggling lawyer, despite his commitment to law practice,he has other struggles he did around Janguza axis. May Allah forgive his shortcomings”.

In Quran 62 Verse 8, Allah says “Say, indeed, the death from which you flee.Indeed it will meet you”. Today it has met our brother but our solace is that Barrister Sulaiman Assayouty died as a Muslim in the holy month of Ramadan, he never tarnished the image of his family and lived a dignified life.May Allah grant him aljannah firdaus and give his immediate family, the Ilorin Emirate BUK Alumni and friends the fortitude to bear the huge loss.

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