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LNRBDA Is Committed To Boost Irrigation Farming -Dr. Adeniyi





I am Dr. Adeniyi Saheed Aremu, the Managing Director of Lower Niger River Basin Development Authority (LNRBDA).

2:What are your Areas of Coverage?

Lower Niger River Basin Development Authority (LNRBDA) is one of the 12 River Basin Development Authorities in Nigeria. LNRBDA covers the entire geographical spread of Kwara State and two- thirds of Kogi State; that is Kogi Central and Kogi West Senatorial districts. The Authority has a total of five Area offices domiciled in Ilorin, Shonga, Omu-Aran, Ejiba and Lokoja.

Sir, in order to avoid misconception, kindly enumerate the functions of the RBDAs

The functions of RBDAs as enshrined in the Act that established the RBDAs include:

(a) To undertake comprehensive development of both surface and underground water resources for multipurpose use with particular emphasis on the provision of irrigation infrastructure and the control of floods and erosion and for water- shed management;

(b)To construct, operate and maintain dams, dykes, polders, wells, boreholes, irrigation and drainage systems, and other works necessary for the achievement of the Authority’s functions and hand over all lands to be cultivated under the irrigation scheme to the farmers;

(c)To supply water from the Authority’s completed storage schemes to all users for a fee to be determined by the Authority;

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(d)To construct, operate and maintain infrastructural services such as roads and bridges linking project sites: provided that such infrastructural services are included and form an integral part of the list of approved projects;

(e)To develop and keep up-to-date, a comprehensive water resources master plan identifying all water resources requirements in the Authority’s area of operation, through adequate collection and collation of water resources, water use, socio-economic and environmental data of the River Basin.

(f) The Authority also executes other projects as contained in the yearly budget of the Authority as approved by Mr. President.

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Food security is one of the major challenges facing Nigerians. What roles have your Authority played in terms of ensuring food sufficiency in the nation?

In order to ensure all year food production, the Authority constructed a number of Dams to provide water for irrigation during the dry season and between 2017 and 2021, 15 new irrigation schemes were established both in Kogi and Kwara States while the existing schemes were rehabilitated. In line with the Authority’s mandate and as contained in Economic Growth and Recovery Plan (ERGP) of Mr. President, the Authority has opened up over 1800 irrigable lands within its area of coverage for different agricultural purposes.

The Authority has been able to deliver one of its key services by the development of irrigated agriculture through the acquisition of more arable land and subsequent release to individuals, groups and corporate farmers. For instance, 500 hectares of farmland was purchased from customary land owners along Malete – Alapa road through the Kwara State Government for farming activities. The project when fully implemented is expected to open up the area for accelerated development, provide jobs and boost food sufficiency in Kwara State.  Equally, the Authority signed MOU with Kogi State Government and released over 5,000 hectares of its farmland to the State Government. Specifically at Ejiba Area Office in Kogi State, the partnership with the State Government yielded about 7,170 tons  of paddy rice from several farmers. The Authority has extended various gestures to her rice farmers in various parts of Kwara State with positive results as Kwara State Rice Farmers Association assumed the second largest producer of rice in the just concluded Rice Pyramid in Abuja.

Transportation of food has been one of the factors responsible for food shortage in the country, hence, the Authority constructed a number of access roads in both urban and rural settlements. Some of these roads in the rural areas link the farm sites to the towns to help farmers convey their produce to the nearest markets to prevent post-harvest losses thereby improving the livelihood of the farmers and ensuring food sufficiency.

The Authority in 2017 also established a greenhouse for production of assorted vegetables under a controlled environment. A herd of cattle is being raised for fattening and dairies.

As contained in your mandate, how has LNRBDA fared in ensuring  access to clean and safe water

In line with the Sustainable Development Goals (Goal 6) and the Authority’s mandate of providing access to clean and safe water, over 700 different kinds of boreholes have been drilled to date, while some were rehabilitated. Also a total of 35 Mini Water Works have been constructed across the five senatorial districts covered by the Authority between 2017 -2021. The Authority also rehabilitated and upgraded some water works.

One of the policy thrusts of the Hon. Minister of Water Resources Engr. Suleiman Adamu is to Revitalize the RBDAs. How far has LNRBDA gone?

When the Management came on Board in 2017, the Authority did Needs Assessment as a strategy to kick start the revitalization drive. In restoring the mandate, the Authority built institutional capacity, maximized operation and input, and created job opportunities through irrigation farming and aquaculture.

In terms of institutional capacity, the Authority has given the headquarters and residential estate a face lift. The Engineering complex, main store, mechanical workshop were extensively renovated and given a new outlook. The old conventional library was also upgraded to e-library and books which cut across all fields of human endeavors were purchased. Also free access to internet service was provided for the staff within the Authority’s Headquarters. Recreational facilities were equally rehabilitated for staff welfare.

The Management of LNRBDA understands the importance of capacity building in ensuring better service delivery by members of staff and other keys stakeholders of the Authority. More than 300 members of staff have been trained between 2017 and 2021 across various Departments, Units and cadres. Also stakeholders in the Water Users Association were trained in line with the current trends of irrigation management, climate change and water-shed management.

As part of the Authority’s drive to automate some of its activities for better effectiveness, it has procured a drone for farmland mapping, land acquisition survey and survey of project design and construction. The Authority also purchased an  unmanned Surface Vessel (Apache 5) for underwater survey, monitoring, data collation and analysis. Also, the Authority purchased an industrial drilling rig and Back Hoe Mini Excavator with a view to boost its revenue generation.  Farminputs such as: pesticides, herbicides, improved seeds, MPK fertilizer, and acquisition of new tractors (including their implements) were handed over to all Area Offices to ease and stimulate increased farming activities.

Nigeria has a large number of unemployed youth and vast agricultural land is faced with unavailability staple crops, hence, the Honourable Minister directed the RBDAs to embark on training of youth in various aspects of agriculture. Over sixty (60) youth have been trained in agribusiness, value addition, and livestock production. Starter packs were also given to them to be gainfully employed. These exclude yearly training of selected participants on agribusiness.

How has LNRBDA fared in terms of Agriculture extension and modern farming practices?

The Authority has made concerted efforts towards achieving integrated farming system, especially incorporating the Songhai Model. The Authority, in the 2019 Fiscal Year, awarded the contract for the establishment of Songhai Model Farm Centre in the Authority. The Integrated farm incorporates the principle of Circular Economy whereby raising livestock, fish production and crops as well as on-sites processing are fused together in a natural environment. The project has provided direct job for twenty (20) people and indirect for many retailers and wholesalers.

Your Area Offices are considered the major hubs of operation, in what ways have you made efforts to improve on what you met when took over leadership?

As part of efforts to have evenly distribution of resources to the grassroot, another area office was created in Omu-Aran, Kwara South senatorial district. One of the major innovations was to create individual budget heads dedicated to each of these area offices as against a single budget line for all the area offices. We have procured at least 2 new tractors with full implements for each of the Area Offices to boost their internally generated revenue drive of the Federal Government. We have spent over N500m on all the area offices since I took over as Managing Director.

Construction of rice mill building with installation of milling machine in some area offices, clearing of over 1800Ha of land in all the area offices, rehabilitation of residential building in some area offices were carried out, construction of perimeter fencing in some area offices were done, and development of Aquaculture and maintenance of existing canals to boost irrigation farming in commercial quantities.





Some dam projects carried out by the  Authority :

• Aran-Orin Dam in Kwara South Senatorial district – Completed

• Omu-Aran Dam in Kwara South Senatorial district – Completed

• Yashikira Dam, Baruten LGA, Kwara State – Completed

• Okuta Dam, Baruten LGA, Kwara State –  Completed

• Iyah Gbede Dam, Ijumu LGA, Kogi State – Completed

• Takete-Idde Dam, Yagba East LGA, Kogi State  – Completed

• Moshe-Gada Dam, Baruten LGA, Kwara State – On-going

• Odo-Ape Dam, Kabba-Bunu LGA, Kogi State – On-going

• Kpada Dam, Patigi LGA, Kwara State –         On-going

Some  completed Flood and Erosion Control Works carried out by the Authority


1 Channelization and Flood Control Work At Koro Ile Ale Ileku Off Popo Giwa Ilorin, Ilorin West LGA, Kwara State Completed

2 Construction and Channelization within Iyaniwura Area of Igbona Road, Kwara State Completed

3 Construction and Channelization Within Oke-Andi Area, Ilorin East LGA, Kwara State Completed

4 Channelization and Flood Control Work Of Abimbola Street Tanke Ilorin, Ilorin South LGA, Kwara State Completed

5 Channelization and Flood Control Work At Isale Arowasi Off Ita Kudima Street Ilorin, Ilorin West LGA, Kwara State Completed

6 Channelisation and Road Rehabilitation At Asa Dam Estate Behind NNPC Mega Station Ilorin, Kwara State Completed

7 Flood And Erosion Control Along Owa Kojola street, Gaa Akanbi, Ilorin South LGA, Kwara State Completed

8 Ajibesin-Oniru Air Force Channelization And Flood Control, Oloje Housing Estate, Ilorin, Kwara State Completed

9 Erosion control at Upstream of Afelele Dam, Offa Completed

10  Flood and Erosion Control Works Along Enji River, Offa, Kwara State Completed

SN Projects Status

11 Erosion Control At Printing Road, Off Offa Road Gra, Ilorin South Lga, Kwara State Completed

12 Erosion Control Works At Chiroma Patigi Road, Kwara State  Completed

13 Erosion Control Works At Ibrahim Dama Mawogi Road, Patigi, Kwara State Completed

14 Erosion Control and Surface Dressing of Farm Access On Ikotun Road In Ojoku, Oyun LGA, Kwara State Completed

15 Flood And Erosion Control Works In Otte-Etile Ballah Junction Asa LGA Kwara Central Senatorial District Completed

16 Flood And Erosion Control Work At Pakata Ubandawaki, Govt. Girls Day Sec. Sch. Road, Ilorin Completed

Some drilled borehole locations


1 Owalobo Palace Obbo-Ile, Ekiti LGA Kwara State

2 Emi Kochita Alera, Ifelodun LGA, Kwara State

3 Ajuba Area, Oba’s Compound Ijagbo, Oyun LGA Kwara State

4 Gaa Olomi funfun, Offa, Offa LGA Kwara State

5 Odole Compound Agodogbo Community Oke-Ode Ifelodun LGA  Kwara State.

6 Imanuma Area, Ipee New Extension, Oyun LGA, Kwara State

7 (1) Edoji community,Lafiagi,Edu  LGA,Kwara State (2)Budo Alfa community,Babadudu Ward. Moro LGA Kwara State.

8 Emi Madaki, Tsaragi Compound, Edu LGA, Kwara State

9 Construction of 3 Nos Solar Motorised Borehole At 1.Oniwasi Agbaye Community, Islamic Village, Ilorin 2.Gbagba Community, By Rafat, Hospital, Ilorin  3. Okekere, Ilorin Kwara State

10 Construction of solar powered boreholes in 1. Elerewi community Olorunshogo. 2. Upper Alagbado phase II community, Ilorin Kw/St 3. Ifedapo community Gerewu Area, 4. Adewudere community Ajikobi Area, Ilorin Kwara State.

11 Construction of 1 no industrial borehole along Sikiru Ottan Street, Off Taoheed Road, Oke Andi Area, Ilorin.

12 Construction of  industrial boreholes with generator and plastic tank on 6m stanchion (basement/sedimentary) in Kwara North, Kwara State. (1) kucheigi Village Tsonga Ward 1 (2) Kanko Village Tsonga Ward 1

13 Construction of  industrial boreholes with generator and plastic tank on 6m stanchion (basement/sedimentary) in Kwara North, Kwara State (1) Bologi nursery & primary school permanent site opp Sim school Patigi (2) Asomu Village Moro L.G.A. (3)Egbon Manyia Lafiagi Edu L.G.A.

14 Construction of  industrial boreholes with generator and plastic tank on 6m stanchion (basement/sedimentary) in kwara north, kwara state (1)Egbon Tutunti Lafiagi Edu L.G.A. (2) Sabo Yaya Village Tsonga Ward 1

15 Construction of  industrial boreholes with generator and plastic tank on 6m stanchion (basement/sedimentary) in Kwara North, Kwara State (1)Egbon Tsonfadako Tsonga township

16 Construction of  industrial boreholes with generator and plastic tank on 6m stanchion (basement/sedimentary) in Kwara North, Kwara State (1) White House opp. Govt. Technical College Patigi

17 Construction of  industrial boreholes with generator and plastic tank on 6m stanchion (basement/sedimentary) in Kwara North, Kwara State (1) Emir’s palace yasikira

18 Construction of  industrial boreholes with generator and plastic tank on 6m stanchion (basement/sedimentary) in Kwara North, Kwara State (1) Kpada market patigi L.G.A.

19 Construction of  industrial boreholes with generator and plastic tank on 6m stanchion (basement/sedimentary) in Kwara North, Kwara State (1) Hamed Mohamed close Yasikira

20 Construction of  handpump boreholes (basement/sedimentary) in kwara north, kwara state (1) maganiko ndanangi edu L.G.A. (2) Edota kimpa in edu L.G.A.

21 Construction of mini-motorized borehole with generator on 1.5m elevated block base (sedimentary area), in Kwara North,Kwara State. (1) Motokun patigi L.G.A.

22 Construction of motorised borehole with generator and plastic tank on 6m stanchion (sedimentary area), in kogi central, Kogi State. Near L.G.A. primary school, makaranta, ozuja, okengwe, Kogi State

23 Construction of motorised borehole with generator and plastic tank on 6m stanchion (sedimentary area), in kogi central, kogi state. Umoru saliu compound, okengwe, okene lga, kogi state

24 Construction of motorised borehole with generator and plastic tank on 6m stanchion (sedimentary area), in kogi central, kogi stat.e alh. Salihu onicoke area, ozuja okengwe, kogi state

25 Construction of motorised borehole with generator and plastic tank on 6m stanchion (sedimentary area), in kogi central, kogi state. Alh. Yusuf anako compound irigoni, otoyi-uvete, okengwe, okene lga

26 Motorised Borehole at Alapa/Onire Odegiwa Ward, Asa LGA, Kwara State

27 Motorised Borehole at Afon Asa LGA, Kwara State

28 Construction of 1no. Motorised borehole at Osin Okete, Ilorin West LGA, Kwara State

29 Construction of 1 no Motorised borehole by Wisdom House Behind Alikila School, beside Alikila House and beside Eduforte Heritage Nursery and Primary School, Oke-Kudu Airport Area, Ilorin

30 Construction of motorised borehole with generator and plastic tank on 6m stanchion (sedimentary area), in kogi central, kogi state. Hajia Halima Kende House, Nagazi By Kabba Junction, House No. 77 Adavi LGA, Kogi State

31 Construction of motorised borehole with generator and plastic tank on 6m stanchion (sedimentary area), in kogi central, kogi state (1). Garido avenue, eika-oku quarters, okengwe (2). Ageva new layout, okeneL.G.A. , Kogi State

32 Provision of complete package solar powered boreholes with elevated steel tank on 9m stanchion in Kogi central, Kogi State. (1). Osochokodo, opposite obongora hotel checkpoint, okene L.G.A. (2). Salaam checkpoint, inside okene teacher’s college, okene L.G.A. (3). Budoko community by iruvochi ovovo, okene L.G.A.

33 Provision of complete package solar powered boreholes with elevated steel tank on 9m stanchion in kogi central, kogi state. (1).ozi ohindase, oro new layout, okengwe L.G.A. (2). Nta lane,beside celestial church, okengwe L.G.A.

34 Provision of complete package solar powered boreholes with elevated steel tank on 9m stanchion in kogi central, kogi state. (1). Otite  community, opposite fce,okene L.G.A. (2). No 37 idoji street, okene L.G.A.

35 Provision of complete package solar powered boreholes with elevated steel tank on 9m stanchion in Kogi central, kogi state. Ukpogoro Layout, Iduboko Checkpoint Okene, L.G.A

36 Construction of Motorised Boreholes in Offa, Erinle, Falokun Owode, Shaare, Idofian Ganmo, Amonyo, Igbodun, Kwara State

37 Construction of Borehole at Ifelodun/Offa/Oyun Fed. Constituency, Kwara State

38 Construction of Solar Powered Borehole in Idah,Ibaji, Igalamela Ofu Federal Constituency

39 Construction of Motorised Boreholes in Offa, Erinle, Falokun Owode, Shaare, Idofian Ganmo, Amonyo, Igbodun, Kwara State

40 Construction of Solar Powered Boreholes in Ankpa, Omala, Olamoboro Federal Constituency, Kogi State


I Hope To Work in an Unbiased Newsroom-First Class Graduate



Aisha Zanna


Aisha Zanna Mustapha recently graduated with a First class Degree in Mass Communication from Skyline University in Kano, Northwest Nigeria. In this interview with The Humanitarian Times she speaks about life in school and the mentorship she got that eventually made her settle for journalism as a profession. Ideal

How does it feel about graduating with a first class?

It is a little bit tough to say. Maybe to answer this, I have to tell you my story since I was a child. I started seeing the world from a different perspective at a very early age. At the age of eight (8), I participated in several competitions; even though it was a European Union Gender Inequality Competition, I became a runner. Then, years later, I got involved in so many others. But one thing that these competitions exposed me to was I was able to meet mentors. People who shaped who I was and made me very focused and who allowed me to have dreams. So, it’s not just the work I have done; it’s not just about the studies in school, not the sleepless nights because while I was studying in school, I was working too! Yes, I was doing humanitarian work, social service activism, and at the same time, even reporting and screenwriting.

The Plight Of Farida-Eugenia Abu

It is a bit whimsical; I mean, one too obsessed with her world. I was able to get people who honor that. My mother is a journalist, she introduced me to my first love of books, and my father is always a reader, so it was like I was given the opportunity to open my mind wide at a young age. Now growing up, I was able to be mentored by people that were really good in the journalism field, like Nima Elbagir. This first class is significant for me because, in my first university, I was studying multimedia design which is also a communication field. And what happened was that it didn’t feel fulfilling for me, so I left and went to learn Arabic because I needed to tell stories in different languages to share them with the world. So I would say this first class is not just about me, but a collective work of people who have made me who I am today. I feel happy for the first class, but it’s the work of all my teachers who saw me through the years, from that little girl to now this twenty-something-year-old. This is their work.

At what point did you decide on taking Mass Communication as a chosen career path?

So before I went to Sudan, I was lucky to meet Nim Albagir, Aljazeera Correspondent, and her talking to me helped open my mind to what the work can be. So, while I was in Sudan at the same time, I started learning French, even though I had to take a break afterward. After that, I return for holidays and met some journalists from CNN, France 24, who had really come together to bring this person out of me. I came to know this was my field. I knew I lacked in some aspects of screenwriting, so I went for screenwriting at the Metropolitan Film School in London; while I was there I met other people who were able to build who I was, such as Sasha Achilli, all of those people made me who I was. When I came back, I decided to join Spanish French to really go back to what I started. So I joined Skyline University Nigeria, which is a great school; not saying it because I was a student there, but it made me most comfortable, and most liked myself. It is important because Skyline allows me to do my work, allowing me to broaden my horizon that I cannot even begin to explain. Skyline is an excellent institution for anybody ready to change the world. Whenever I said I had presentations, Skyline would create opportunities for me to harness that opportunity that I had in school programs, outside school programs, debates, and so on.

What are your plans going forward as a trained journalist?

My plan as a trained journalist is to be the unbiased, most objective journalist that has ever been. I want to change the perspective of how the northern communities see women as a journalist. And moving forward, as I always say, the story writes the writer; I might either be a broadcaster or a producer…but certainly, I am going to work in the communication field. I need to do that, and I will try to find the best organization for me here in Nigeria, to work full-time. I’ve been applying to some places.

What is your advice for the younger ones, especially girls, regarding education?

Something is missing about young girls and education in northern Nigeria …I feel they must understand the importance of education, for I was so lucky to get people to guide me and make me realize that. I have been to places that I could never imagine because of what education has brought to me. At the very young age of 16, I was at the BBC, Aljazeera, I was even able to meet the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, and she was telling me the story of her life; how she studied in Maiduguri, how she is so proud of me. At that moment, it was so special; she would look at me and tell me she was proud of me; that moment meant so many things to me because, as a woman from Arewa, you should look up to people like them. I look up to Okonjo Iweala and Amina Mohammed because they symbolize no limits. Impossible is just a word in the dictionary. It doesn’t define anyone.

What are your concerns for professional career development in Nigeria?

The concern for my professional career is that I hope I don’t fall into the same situation I have seen others. One thing for me is that I hope to be as objective as possible. I hope not to fall into the abyss of hate speech, ethnic profiling, and many drawbacks we see manifest in journalism today. Thank you.

The Humanitarian Times

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My ambition  is to help Gov Ganduje  empower Kano youths through sports- Sai Mama  



Mrs Surayya

Abdulgaffar Oladimeji

Kano born female sports  enthusiast , Saurayya Aminu a.k.a Sai Mama has  advocate on the need to use sports as a tool to   arrest the issue  of mass unemployment among the youths caused by the increasing  population explosion in the country.


Sauraya, who is an incumbent board member of Kano Pillars football club has expressed her optimism that sports could help in reforming and also  aid Kano youths  to further imbibe the spirit of discipline, creativity and entrepreneurship.


In her words “our youths in Kano have continued to excel in  various fields of life endeavors, such as academics, artisanship is also one area, our Kano youths are making their impact felt in our communities and society at large.

Team Kano Leads Arewa , Clinch Top 10 Finish At The 2020 National Sports Festival Held in Edo

“I am of the impression that, we need to step up job creation  through sports, millions of Kano youths love sports, they have the talent, what we need now is to help those on ground like Kano state Sports Commission to   harness these talents, in their large numbers  to become of economic benefits to the state.


Sauraya opine that the support  given to the sports sector by the incumbent   Kano state governor, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje has paved the avenue for Kano youths to transform from been mere recreation sports enthusiast to sports entrepreneur’s.


She said “ since the inception of the administration of our governor, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, Kano has risen and is now a frontline sports state, back to its glorious days in sports.


“Kano state Sports Commission, under the leadership of one of the best sports administrator in the country, Ibrahim Galadima has fared so well, what is needed now is to further support the mission of the state government by helping to mobilize other sports managerial departments in the state  to comprehend and  key into the mission and vison of  his excellency in the area of sports development in the state.” Sai mama as she is fondly called said.



Quizzed over her presence at sporting activities involving Kano athletes, she said “ you are right, I am always here and there, in the state and outside the state, the youths are my main constituency, I can not claim to want to work with the youths and stay back in my room, when Kano Pillars is playing.


“I will not stay back in Kano, when our para athletes are in Abuja fighting hard to bring glory to Kano, our youths are in Ilorin for the National Youths Games and you expect me to be in Kano,? I was with the state contingent at the last National Sports Festival, in Edo, in a whole I am concerned and committed to work hard for us to help our hard for us to help our youths to excel, especially using the magic wand that is provided  through the use of sports economics to attain such objectives.”


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Undergraduate Who Create Website For Learning Mathematics Bags First Class Degree



Abbas Yushau Yusuf

Fatima Ibrahim Madori is a student of Maitama Sule University popularly known as North-West University in Kano Northwestern Nigeria,In the past three month Fatima who studies computer science at the North West university bares to our correspondent how she created a website for teaching and learning Mathematics in Hausa.

Now Fatima Ibrahim Madori a 24 year old who recently graduated with first class in computer science from Yusuf Maitama Sule North-West University told our correspondent the hurdles she cross before finally graduating with first class excerpts.

NT:How do you graduate with first class?

Fatima Ibrahim Madori: I tried as much as possible to see that nothing got me distracted from my studies, studying is always amongst my top-most priority.

Prayer Addu’a makamin mu’umini (the weapon of a believer)a popular saying, after the struggle I always back it up with prayers.

NT:What strategies do you employ in your studies after attending class?

Fatima Ibrahim Madori: I read atleast twice a week during weekends before any test or exams, I also have friends we read together one of which we could spend an hour or more on a phone call discussing , we conduct tutorial classes amongst ourselves, we visit our school library to conduct research, and most importantly iam always surfing the net for information and watching youtube video for tutorials.

NT:what are the challenges you faced?

Fatima Ibrahim Madori: There were alot of challenges, one of them was during my first semester level400, I lost my dad, the pain I went through made me lost hope, i couldnt concentrate during my classes, whenever i sit to read, I use to get carried away by thoughts of old memories, I abstained myself from my friends, I felt lost and confused, I never thought I would make it through without spilling any course until my mom and family realized my situation, gave me the encouragement i needed and reminded of how my dad would feel if he were to know how am giving up on my studies. Alhamdulillah it worked, although my GPA wasnt very good but i made it again without any carryover.


University Student Develops Application For Teaching And Learning Mathematics In the Hausa Language
NT:Which is your best course?

Fatima Ibrahim Madori: I love anything that has to do with programming, we were thought C++ at level200 first semester, and it was my favourite then, JAVA at second semester level200, and it became my favourite too just then, C programming language at level300 first semester and it became my favourite as well.

NT:What is your favourite food

Fatima Ibrahim Madori:my favorite food is sphagetti

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