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ASUU: The Misunderstood Vaccines Not The Virus



Zaid Ayuba Alhaji, Sir Kuli Kuli

Zaid Ayuba Alhaji (Sir Kuli -Kuli)


Since 1978, the Academic Staff Union of Universities ASUU remains the “last men standing Union” defending the education of the common man, even when they are accused of selfish demands; yet they still hold better cards than all other unions including the so-called N. L. C.


Down the memory lane of the 1988, 1992, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2013, 2017, 2019, and 2020 strikes, we’ve experienced 42 years of the constant struggle to uphold the ‘Nigerian Educational standard’. Imagine public tertiary education in Nigeria without ASUU, even as it exist, those in the position of power continue to send their kids to foreign Universities while refusing to ‘commit properly’ to what will avoid ASUU strikes.


Let us try to analyze the future of a country with over 200 Million citizens, but only allocate 6.7 % of the 2020 budget in its education sector, what do you think of the N13.08 Trillion, but only 5.6% goes to education. It is a shame ‘the giant of Africa’ to keep setting a weak pace for others.

Conference Of Speakers Urges FG, ASUU To End Strike

Let’s revisit some bitter facts: Today is 21st November 2020, exactly 1year + 90 days that the Education Minister assumed office for his 2nd term since August 21, 2020, despite his inability to meet up with his Ministerial Strategic Plan (MSP 2016-2019). Can any student, lecturer or politician show any substantial transformation in our public tertiary Institutions?.


It is painful how some Nigerians side with the Government while blaming ASUU over these strikes. Imagine the fate of a commoner in the Nigerian Educational System without ASUU. Imagine the future of the Nigerian Universities without Visual lecturing facilities; by 2040 when the population of Nigerians may climax to about 500 Million people, how do you see our Universities?.


How do you feel when 500-800 students are packed like sardines in a lecture hall without a microphone or even light to power the bulbs or fans in the hall?. How do you feel when you see Federal Universities with no internet connection in this global era of the 21st century?.


How do you feel when you visit any of the departmental, Faculty, or University’s main Library; only to find outdated Books, the acclaimed ICT resource centers are filled with obsolete, dusty, rusty, and dead computers of the 1980s?. Now that the Gov’t utilize both the pandemic and strike to suspend University learning for close to 9 Months, did their children stopped schooling abroad?.


How do you feel as a father or a Student to be running to the bush as a toilet, walk kilometers in search of water,   spend hours or even days without electricity, use street lights as the most reliable reading environment, treks several minutes because there are no shuttle buses, etc? Do you understand what it takes to be called a “University student or lecturer?”

World Child Day: Kano Appoints One Day  Commissioner Of Education

How do you feel when you see that almost all the private Primary Schools are having more standard facilities than almost all the Federal Universities (Except a few) while the Libraries and Laboratories of our Private Secondary Schools are better than our acclaimed Federal institutions (Except a few).


Imagine the wages, allowances, welfare, and fair treatment of Lecturers that are believed to be the highest shapers of the future compared to the most unqualified political appointees!. Do you care to know how state Governments treat Educational facilities compared to the Executive furnishings giving to their legislative assemblies and other offices?.


Do you care to know how junior lecturers struggle hard to get scholarships for further capacity building?. Do you care to know the unavoidable importance of Visiting lecturers, especially senior lecturers that are scarcely available and specialized in certain courses?. Do you know that Nigeria of over 200 Million population requires at least 200,000 qualified lecturers instead of the existing less than 40,000 in Nigerian public Universities?.


It is statistically proven that our Federal Universities have less than 25,000 lecturers while the State Universities have less than 16,000 Lecturers. Do you know that Egypt has more than 60,000 Professors and teaching staff, just in their 24 public Universities?. South Africa has more than 4,034 Professors, just Professors!.


We are a Nation full of potentials but challenged by the misplacement of priorities. Despite our challenges in the Educational System, our science-related students face the worst.

From Medical students, Engineering, technology, Chemical Sciences, ICT, Genetics, Biotechnology, Artificial intelligence etc; all are trained with the obsolete tools. With all the facts on the ground, how do you justify the negligence of the authorities’ concerns and end up insulting ASUU?.


How do you expect our Educational system to work both at the Federal, state, and local level when our Federal Ministers and States Commissioners of Education are free to own private Schools?. Imagine SUBEB Chairmen and E.S of local government having private Nursery and primary schools, what do you think will ever change?.


When the leaders of a Nation prefer to send their children to the United Kingdom for degrees, how then do you blame ASUU for the strikes?  Is it that you don’t understand how men care less about what doesn’t affect them or you so much love to defend the politicians?. Before you blame ASUU, know that Fatima Buhari went to BUSINESS ACADEMY, Stratford, United Kingdom.


Know that Safinatu Buhari went to University of PLYMOUTH, United Kingdom;  (Now Arden University, U. K). Halima Buhari went to the University of Leicester, U. K. Yusuf Buhari went to the University of Surrey, United Kingdom. Zarah Buhari went to the University of Surrey, United Kingdom. Hanan Buhari went to RAVENSBOURNE University in England.


The No. 2 citizen of Nigeria equally send Fiyin Osinbajo to Warwick University in the same United Kingdom. Even the Executive Secretary, National Universities Commission sends his kid to the University of Aberdeen United Kingdom, while Students at home continue to be hopeless, struggling through  B. Sc to Ph.D., spending 7 years in a 4-year course. Do you think Nigerian education will ever get the right attention?.


In conclusion, i strongly recommend that the Academic Staff Union of the Universities, ASUU urgently consider the following submission to save the academic future of Nigeria and to regain back their glory that’s about to be completely insulted by politicians especially those in  power:


1: Academicians especially Professors should desist from participating in electoral collation and returns, completely and unanimously, that’s because the attitude of a lot of Professors as Returning Officers were considered disgraceful and unpatriotic; which is why the politicians even have additional temerity to treat ASUU as they do!.


  1. Set up ‘ASUU Special Orientation Club’ in all Universities to intimate and engage Students on the social struggle. The union can only sustain its struggle if they have the popular support of the public and as it is, the Government has always succeeded in winning the public sympathy, especially because they use the media well. Education is the most sacrosanct defense of the common men; it should be protected at all costs.


Zaid Ayuba Alhaji (Sir. Kuli Kuli). ND, PDDPIT, PDDPGD, HPDDPIT and B. Sc International Relations. 08069835881 comradezaid6@gmail.com.com.


Galadima Knocks Nigeria Sports Handlers Over Laziness in Talent Development,





By Abdulgafar Oladimeji.

Former chairman, Nigeria Football Association , NFA Ibrahim Galadima(MFR) has faulted the administration, promotion and development of sports in Nigeria, noting that  the continuous  degenerating  global  status of Nigeria on the  sporting  arena could be attributed to laziness.

The outspoken sports administrator   stated that the absence of  clear  cut policies  on how  sports should be driven in Nigeria  constitutes parts of the factors that  has enrolled Nigeria on the path of total  failure.

Galadima in his remarks  on ( Thursday)at a one day workshop organized by Sports Writers Association of Nigeria, SWAN  Kano state chapter held at the conference hall of the Kano state Sports Commission with the theme “Early Warnings and Security Vigilance At Sports Events, he said “we re yet to clearly structure and drive the message clearly to say whether we   are in sports for business or  for leisure purposes.”

“our sports is going through difficult times, certainly, the Kenyans have  a clear concentration, they  have  shown clearly where they belong by dominating marathon races, recently they came to Kaduna and stamped their dominance.

“The abundant talent in Nigeria remained untapped, no age group graduation, even if you are in Chad, you are considered as a foreign based athlete, we are now so lazy in identifying talents.” Galadima lamented.

He alleged that lack of trust and confidence has  sent sponsors out of the industry, adding that potential brand sponsors are shying away from injecting their monies into  the industry for the fear of unaccountability.


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By Alh. Dr Bello Al- Adam

On behalf of myself and my family, I join millions of friends and well-wishers to felicitate with a renowned diplomat and international statesman on this special occasion of your 76th Birthday.

My family and I are proud to be associated with you, therefore we heartily congratulate you for a life of exploit in Diplomacy, Academia, and Administration, both at National and International levels.
Indeed, you are an epitome of leadership and *AN OUTSTANDING ORBITER OF A GREAT AFRICAN VISION* for your good work and the selflessness in Promotion of Diplomacy, Democracy and Developments.

May Almighty Allah (SWT) continue to give you more Protection, sound Health, Longer Years of Fruitful Living and Greater Fulfilment of your aspirations to the highest level

Your unwavering support and succour for the downtrodden and your relentless pursuit for the betterment of Humanity towards ensuring a Developmental stride in the country have not gone unnoticed. They are laudable, commendable and well appreciated by Mr.President.

On this day, I wish you the best life has got to offer, *while praying that Allah increases you in Health and keep protecting you against hypocritical enemies of our president and the Government which you serve unflinchingly*.

Kindly accept the assurances of my esteem regards, Happy many more years in returns Sir.


Alh. Dr. Bello Al-Adam

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Eating Excessive Fats Causes Heart Attack



Auwal Musa Umar


By Auwal Musa Umar



The term “Malnutrition” was derived from the combination of two words “Mal” and “Nutrition” which refers to “Bad Nutrition”.

Malnutrition can be caused by over-nutrition (excess energy or nutrient intake) or undernutrition (deficient energy or nutrient intake).

The concept of malnutrition usually considered as a condition that results when the cells do not receive an adequate supply of the essential nutrients because of poor diet or poor utilization of food.

In some instances, it presents because people do not or cannot eat enough of the foods that provide the essential nutrients to satisfy body needs.

At other times people may eat well-balanced diets but suffer from diseases that prevent normal usage of the nutrients.

Overnutrition has become a larger problem in some parts of the world than undernutrition. Overeating and the ingestion of large doses of various vitamins and minerals (without a prescription) are two major causes of over nutrition worldwide.

Firstly, people supposed to understand the BASIC courses of Nutrient Deficiency; a nutrient deficiency set in when a person lacks one or more nutrients over a period of time.

Kano ,Now has a New Nutrition Policy and Action Plan-PS Balarabe

Nutrient deficiencies classified as primary or secondary. Primary deficiencies are caused by inadequate dietary intake. Secondary deficiencies are caused by something other than diets, such as a disease condition that may cause malabsorption, accelerated excretion, or destruction of the nutrients. Nutrient deficiencies can result in malnutrition


Teenagers may eat often but at unusual hours. They may miss regularly scheduled meals, become hungry, and satisfy their hunger with foods that have low nutrient density such as potato chips, cakes, soda, and candy.


Foods with low nutrient density provide an abundance of calories, but the nutrients are primarily carbohydrates and fats and, except for sodium, very limited amounts of proteins, vitamins, and minerals.


Teenagers are subject to peer pressure; that is, they are easily influenced by the opinions of their friends. If friends favor foods with low nutrient density, it is difficult for a teenager to differ from them.

Crash diets, which unfortunately are common among teens, sometimes result in a form of malnutrition.

Pregnancy increases a woman’s hunger and the need for certain nutrients, especially proteins, minerals, and vitamins. Pregnancy during adolescence requires extreme care in food selection.


The young mother-to-be requires a diet that provides sufficient nutrients for the developing fetus as well as for her own still-growing body. Many factors influence nutrition in the elderly, depression, loneliness, lack of income, inability to shop, inability to prepare meals, and the state of overall health can all lead to malnutrition.

Nutrition has many effects some the cumulative effects of nutrition; there is an increasing concern among health professionals regarding the cumulative effects of nutrition.


Cumulative effects are the results of something that is done repeatedly over many years. For example, eating excessive amounts of saturated fats for many years contributes to atherosclerosis, which leads to heart attacks.

Years of overeating can cause obesity and may also contribute to hypertension, type 2 (non-insulin-dependent) diabetes, gallbladder disease, foot problems, certain cancers, and even personality disorders.

Deficiency Diseases when nutrients are seriously lacking in the diet for an extended period, deficiency diseases can occur.

The most common form of deficiency disease in Nigeria among women of reproductive age is iron deficiency, which is caused by a lack of the mineral iron and can cause iron-deficiency anemia, which is particularly common among children and women.


Iron is a necessary component of the blood and is lost during each menstrual period.

In addition, the amount of iron needed during childhood and pregnancy is greater than normal because of the growth of the child or the fetus. Rickets is another example of deficiency disease.


It causes poor bone formation in children and is due to insufficient calcium and vitamin D. These same deficiencies cause osteomalacia in young adults and osteoporosis in older adults.


Osteomalacia is sometimes called “adult rickets.” It causes the bones to soften and may cause the spine to bend and the legs to become bowed. Osteoporosis is a condition that causes bones to become porous and excessively brittle.


Too little iodine may cause goiter, and a severe shortage of vitamin A client’s ability to buy and prepare food can lead to blindness.

Auwal Musa Umar Is the President (ANDs/IDN)Association Of Nigerian Dietitians/Institute of Dietetics in Nigeria. Kano state chapter.

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