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Tribute to Lieutenant Abdulhamid Shu’aibu Maidawa



Late Lieutenant Abdulhamid being decorated


By Mahdi Garba

Have you ever wondered why good people die early and bad ones live longer? Anytime death strikes, I feel the same.

The news of Lieutenant Abdulhamid Shu’aibu Maidawa’s tragic death in an ambush by insurgents on Buratai-Damaturu road in war-stricken northeastern Nigeria on Friday, 5th April, 2024 got me thinking about it again.

As a Muslim just like the follower of every Abrahamic religion, I believe every living soul will taste the pangs of death. But, this promising gentleman was not one of the persons one would want to put his name in the same line with death too soon.

When he got admitted into the Nigerian Defence Academy in Kaduna in 2016 after his sixth or even seventh attempt, I felt happy for him, not for the reason he joined the elite army but for fact his dream had materialised.

Weeks before Ramadan fasting commenced, he took an exit that availed him the opportunity to come home. He called it home. He came to sit for WAEC examination in Jos that year and suddenly he felt home.

He became a family member as though my family had known him for many years. He became an adopted child in the house, even though our hometowns are kilometres away from that of his family.

We had a long conversation where we talked about family, courtship, marriage, insurgency and whatnot. He mentioned how he had been promoted from a lieutenant to a captain, only that he awaits it to be made official.

Abdulhamid was a hardworking who was ready to do any job that would provide him a legitimate source of income. That trait had took him to many places, into many jobs, including being a motorcyclist in Maraba, Karu LGA, miles away Abuja.

He would say as an orphan who had neither have a father nor mother, that was the only option he had.

I could remember when he was at his lowest. The motorcycle which he acquired for commercial purposes otherwise known as okada was seized by FCTA authorities. He had to come back to Jos, jobless and dejected.

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Shortly after the moment we got admitted into the university alongside Alkazim my younger brother, Ammar and the late Abdulhamid he got admitted into the NDA. There, he quit his Political Science degree he was pursuing at Federal University Gashua, Yobe State.

The resilience he had always demonstrated about life and his dreams made him to sought for admission into NDA. That was the year he left us at the university and moved to the military academy.

He graduated in 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science & Defence Studies. Due to the restrictions by the military training school, only a few were able to attend his passing out parade. Late Abdulhamid and a colleague painstakingly organised a walimah to celebrate the feat when he returned to Jos, days after the POP.

He was first posted to 177 Guard Battalion, Shittu Alao Barracks. He would always tell me how he felt imposter syndrome when he saw the number of soldiers he led. He would often say, there’s nothing beyond God’s power.

Later on, he was transferred to Biu in Borno State in the North East to join the country’s fight against Boko Haram insurgents.

It was a turnaround moment for him. I would say since he was posted there, there’s no conversation that would pass without him soliciting for prayers. His number was not always reachable. You get to speak with him only if he called.

Also, every Friday, there’s a Friday sms he sends to his contacts. He also talked about death frequently. The contents of his posts on WhatsApp were mostly about death. It was either about the fluidity of life or colleagues who had died while in the military.

It’s safe to assume he planned for it after one looks at his life. Luckily, he died on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan after he led other gallant men in Tahajjud and even Subh prayers the previous night.

There was a family of his late brother whom he took all their responsibilities. Nobody knew about how he had catered for the family until his demise. Even days before Eid al-Fitr, he had already sent new clothes for the entire of his late brother whom he had promised to never let the children know what it feels like to be orphans.

More than a month after his death, while I was planning to travel to Jos for Eid al-Adha celebrations, my dad called me that he had received a call from Abdulhamid’s brother, Ahmed in which he notified him about his late brother’s will. He said he left two rams; one for Ahmed and the other for my dad. And, it was sent down from Borno State, where he kept them before his death.

It was the second consecutive year he sent my dad a Sallah ram.

Both the previous Eids were a moment of sober reflection for our family. While others celebrated Eid al-Fitr we were mourning the tragic death of a beloved brother, friend and pious soldier. During the just-concluded Eid too, we had a reason to reflect about the life of this gentleman who was good even at death.

Some of his colleagues even told us about other philanthropic activities he had done in the northeastern community they live. He even dug wells and planted trees in the area.

May Allah forgive his shortcomings and grant him Jannatul Firdaus. Amin!


Ibrahim Ayyuba Isah: From Journalism to Shaping the Future of PR and Digital Marketing



Ibrahim Ayyuba Isah


Ibrahim Ayyuba Isah, a distinguished journalist with over a decade of experience, has made a significant transition into the dynamic fields of public relations, creative, and digital marketing. Known for his in-depth reporting and insightful analysis, Isah is now leveraging his extensive journalism background to make a substantial impact in his new ventures.

Isah’s career began with a strong foundation in journalism, where he worked with prominent media houses such as Africa Independent Television (AIT), Raypower FM, and Rahma Radio. His roles ranged from producer and presenter to a radio personality, earning him a reputation for delivering accurate and compelling stories. Currently, he serves as a Senior Reporter at TVC Communications, where he anchors the popular program “Kano Spotlight,” providing in-depth coverage and analysis of events in Kano State.

His educational background is extensive and diverse. Isah holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature from Bayero University, Kano, and a Master’s degree in Public Relations and Communication Studies from the same institution. Additionally, he studied Solutions and Data Journalism at Pan Atlantic University. He also earned a Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing from the London School of Business Administration. Recently, he completed a Master Diploma in Digital Marketing awarded by the Digital Marketing Institute Lagos, Nigeria, powered by Digital Marketing Skills LLC, United States of America. In the area of social media, Isah received a certificate from Avalocx University of Social Media in New York, United States, after completing a High Level Social Media Management Course. This academic prowess, combined with his practical experience, positions him as a versatile professional in the realm of public relations and digital marketing.

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Isah’s transition into public relations and digital marketing is marked by significant roles such as Knowledge Management and Communication Officer for the Special Agro-Industrial Processing Zones Project, and Public and Media Relations Consultant for the Flour Milling Association of Nigeria. Currently, he is performing a lead role in managing the PR and communications as a consultant for the WOFAN-ICON2 Project in partnership with Mastercard Foundation. In these positions, he has demonstrated his ability to craft compelling narratives and strategic communications that resonate with diverse audiences.

As a Digital Marketing Strategist and PR Consultant, Isah is exploring innovative ways to blend traditional journalism with modern digital techniques. His expertise in SEO, social media management, website development, and video editing allows him to create comprehensive digital marketing campaigns that drive engagement and achieve tangible results.

Ibrahim Ayyuba Isah is also an Associate Member of the Nigeria Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) and the Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria (ARCON), as well as a member of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Kano Correspondents’ Chapel and the Sports Writers Association, Kano Chapter. His dedication to his craft and his continuous pursuit of excellence reflect his commitment to making a difference in his new field. As he explores the intersections of PR, creative, and digital marketing, he aims to shape the future of communication strategies in Nigeria and beyond.

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Rano Celebrates New Emir with Grand Procession and Festivities




The historic town of Rano was abuzz with jubilation today as residents welcomed their newly appointed emir, Alhaji Muhammadu Isah Umaru (Autan Bawo), recently appointed by Kano state Governor Alhaji Abba Kabir Yusuf.

The new emir entered the palace in Rano town accompanied by hundreds of people who came out to celebrate the occasion.

The procession displayed cultural heritage with traditional drummers, dancers, and horse riders showcasing the history of the Rano emirate. The streets near the emir’s palace were adorned with colorful decorations as the people of Rano expressed their joy and support for their new leader.

One resident, Malam Sani Rano, shared his excitement, saying, “We are very happy with the appointment of Alhaji Muhammadu Isah Umaru as our new emir. He is a man of integrity and wisdom, and we believe he will lead us towards greater prosperity and unity.”

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Hajiya Fatima Sani, another resident, echoed similar sentiments. “Today is a special day for us in Rano. The new emir has always been close to the people, understanding our needs and aspirations. We have high hopes for his reign.”

The new Emir on the throne,Muhammad Isah Umaru

The new Emir on the throne,Muhammad Isah Umaru

The appointment of Alhaji Muhammadu Isah Umaru has been met with widespread approval, with many residents expressing optimism about the future of the emirate under his leadership.

The procession at Rano Emirate

The procession at Rano Emirate

Bashir Ibrahim, a local trader, remarked, “Muhammadu Isah Umaru has a deep connection with our traditions and values. His leadership will surely bring about positive changes and strengthen our cultural heritage.”

As the celebrations continued into the evening, the atmosphere in Rano remained festive and hopeful. The people of Rano are looking forward to a prosperous era under the guidance of their new emir, Alhaji Muhammadu Isah Umaru.

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A tale from the north: the untold story of Hassan



Hassan Auwalu Muhammad

In the central part of Northern Nigeria, there lives a man called Hassan Auwalu Muhammad who was born in the ancient city of Kano from the popular Hausa tribal clan.

At the age of 10, Hassan loss his beloved Dad, Late Sharu Muhammad (Memakoko) whose personality has been described by many, as an exemplary figure of humility, moral eminence, humbleness, and greatness.  To Hassan, his father is the most amazing person he has ever known.

Hassan grew up on a  lifestyle which premised on the quest for knowledge. To seek for knowledge, he was sent to Unguru village in Yobe state to acquire islamic knowledge and learn the tenets and fundamentals of his religion- Islam.

Surprisingly, Hassan’s inquisitiveness and curiosity began to developed which as a result, he eventually became a fan of media. Meanwhile, he developed interest in the Journalism profession. Thanks to BBC Hausa, VOA Hausa and DW Hausa programes which  remained the sources of inspiration and motivation for him to be passionate about journalism and even understood  the basic styles and standards of these prominent international media organizations.

From that moment, Hassan who was at his teenage age have already realized how the media could be used in a way to promote unity, peace and progress of his country. Hence, the media became his most preferred choice and the struggle to join the train just began.

After the completion of his secondary school, Hassan made several attempts to secure admission into a degree program at Bayero University, Kano but all attempts prove abortive because his scores were below the required average marks of the post-UTME . For that reason, Hassan had to apply for admission into Diploma programe in Mass Communication. Fortunately for him, he was admitted and years after, he obtained a professional and Advanced Diploma in Mass Communication from the pretigious Bayero University, Kano..

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Having obtained diploma certificates, Hassan decided to further his education and sat for UTME Exams  which took him 7years before he eventually scored the required marks that gave him the chance to be admitted into a Degree programe in 2015, at Bayero University Kano. Hassan graduated in 2021 with second class in Mass Communication.

In 2008, Hassan started his early career in Journalism Profession as a Freelancer with Freedom Radio Kano 99.5 FM. In 2010, he was an artiste reporter  for years until 2013 when he was offered a full time appointment as a staff member of Freedom Radio.

Hassan dive into the Profession as a preseter of Kano Music Expres – a programe which the idea was conceived and developed by him in order to promote Kano based Hausa rappers.

Hassan was there for a while and has achieved so much with that programe before he was  deployed to the station’s on- air studio to serve as a DCA- Duty Continuity Announcer. Being one of the best On-Air Personal , Hassan’s talents could not be left unused, as such he canvases news from different sources and translate it from English to Hausa for “Inda Ranka” programe.

What other passion for Hasssan ?

Initially, Hassan had always wanted to be a pilot, but his dream was shattered by the huge financial responsibility and expectations attached to joining the aviation sector.

But having joined the Media industry, Hassan understood the virtues attached to journalism profession and since then he has been a catalyst for development which through his media content he produces reports that help in changing the lives and mindsets of the teeming youths in a positive way.

However, Hassan believes that working in media has its challenges and requires dedication and sacrifices as well as being honest and true to people. Journalism is all about honesty and truthfulness to present facts that will bring about positive and progressive social transformation in the society.

Besides being a DCA, Hassan is currently presenting three different programes: “Allah Daya…”, “Mai Nema…” and also a co-presenter of “Barka da Hantsi” all from the famous Radio Station, Freedom Radio Group.

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