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10th Senate:All eyes on Senator Saliu Mustapha




By:AbdurRaheem Sa’ad Dembo

As the 10th Senate resumes on 4th July after conducting a successful elections for the new leadership of the Red chamber, it is appropriate to say all eyes are on Senator Saliu Mustapha from kwara Central Senatorial District.

The reason is obvious, Kwara Central politics is now more sophisticated than ever before. Senator Ibrahim Oloriegbe who represented the district in the 9th Senate did well by facilitating Federal Neuropsychiatric hospital, Budo Egba in Asa Local government area as well as ensuring the completion of NAFDAC and NHIA offices in ILORIN among others .Aside this, he also sponsored several bills with few of it have been signed into law by former president Muhammadu Buhari.

Oloriegbe has set a standard for any one that would be succeeding him.Those who went to Senate before Dr Ibrahim Yahaya Oloriegbe did their best too but to be candid, he has outshined them with a clear lead.

Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq confirmed Oloriegbe’s magic wand when he said Yahaya Oloriegbe did wonderfully well. He said Oloriegbe was a high rank Senator and he remains the best to have represented Kwara Central.He disclosed this during the reception that was organized by Kwara state government for the new federal lawmakers from kwara state, which took place at Kwara Lodge, Aso Koro, Abuja on 13th June, 2023.

I have no doubt that Turaki of Ilorin, Senator Saliu Mustapha would live up to the expectations of the good people of Kwara Central senatorial district. He is never a weak politician as he will always play the game with all seriousness. In the build up to the election of 10th National Assembly leadership, Turaki of Ilorin was vigorously involved in the politicking and politics that eventually went APC’s ways and choices.

You may meet someone at a farm but you may know how to do the farming better, provided you have the right implements and the technology required.This is what Saliu Mustapha’s recent move symbolizes.

In the interim I will not say much about the political dexterity of my political principal, but in due course, without mincing words it will become more conspicuous.

Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq’s statement at the Kwara Lodge, which I enunciated earlier was to advertently or inadvertently ginger our brand new senator not to relent in his quest to do better than his predecessors.

I’m not a pessimist and I have always believed in what I do, so to me like the old saying ‘whatever is worth doing is worth doing well ” Turaki of Ilorin cannot afford to have abysmal outing at the 10th Senate, because he has seen it all as a political juggernaut since his days as a member of APP, ANPP and National vice Chairman of defunct Congress for progressive Change,CPC .He was also a leading contestant for APC Chairmanship prior the APC National Convention in 2022, before it went in Abdullahi Adamu’s favour.

Recently ,he made the lists of Senator that would look after the welfare of other senators. All these are pointers that Senator Saliu Mustapha will live above board in the 10th Senate.

It is significant to say that, the task before Saliu Mustapha to deliver on his campaign promises cannot be hinged on mere talking shops.He has the pedigree and experience to surpass his predecessors.He also needs our prayers for God’s guidance.

At the kwara lodge in Abuja Senator Saliu Mustapha boldly said that people should not leave them alone by reminding or criticising them, where necessary so that the right things can be done. This was expected from a pragmatic politician, after all ,no man,they say,is an Island. It is not an over statement if one describes Saliu Mustapha as a seasoned politician with requisite political antidotes.

Turaki of Ilorin has bright and robust political years ahead of him so no stone should be left unturned in ensuring that he brings dividend of democracy to door step of good people of Kwara Central senatorial district.


Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf Is The Head of All Political Parties in Kano-Dala



In a surprising turn of events following Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf’s recent victory at the Supreme Court, Anas Abba Dala, a former APC chieftain and a devoted supporter of the Governor, has declared that Governor Yusuf is now the de facto head of all political parties in Kano. This assertion includes the APC, the NNPP, and the PDP.

Speaking exclusively to Kano based radio station Freedom Radio, Anas Abba Dala expressed his conviction that Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf’s Supreme Court triumph has positioned him as a unifying figure transcending party lines. Dala, who was once a prominent member of the APC, emphasized the significance of the Governor’s victory in unifying Kano’s political landscape.

In the interview, Dala highlighted the historical context of Governor Yusuf’s political journey, acknowledging the Governor’s ability to garner support across party lines. He commended the Supreme Court’s decision, declaring it a victory for not only the PDP but for all political parties in Kano.

Anas Abba Dala’s statement reflects a shifting political narrative, as Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf’s leadership is perceived as a unifying force that transcends partisan affiliations. The Supreme Court’s validation of the Governor’s victory serves as a catalyst for a renewed sense of political collaboration and cooperation in Kano.

While this declaration is likely to stir conversations within the political sphere, it underlines the potential for a more inclusive and cooperative political landscape in Kano under Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf’s leadership. As the news of this assertion spreads, it will be interesting to observe how political dynamics in Kano evolve in response to this declaration of unity across party lines.

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Non-indigenes in Kano Unite in Prayer for Dr Nasir Gawuna’s Success at Supreme Court



Honourable Seyi Olorunsola, a prominent APC stalwart and Opinion Leader in Kano, has mobilized the non-indigenous Christian community to fervently pray for the success of Dr Nasir Gawuna, the APC candidate, in an impending Supreme Court hearing. This legal battle arises from the NNPC’s appeal, led by Governor Abna Yusuf, challenging the results of the March 18, 2023, Gubernatorial elections in Kano State.

At a prayer conference organized by Honourable Seyi, the non-indigenous Christian community gathered to intercede for Dr Nasir Gawuna, seeking divine intervention in the pursuit of reclaiming his mandate. Honourable Seyi urged attendees to persevere in prayer until victory is secured and cautioned against potential interference, notably mentioning President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, emphasizing the need to remain unaffected by NNPP propaganda aiming to undermine the APC administration.

Expressing gratitude to the judiciary for upholding the rule of law, Honourable Seyi emphasized the crucial role of the judiciary in ensuring justice. He encouraged them to remain vigilant until justice is unequivocally served, highlighting the commitment to a fair and impartial legal process, free from external influences.

Addressing NNPP concerns about the legitimacy of the APC victory, Honourable Seyi reassured the public of the APC’s commitment to the democratic process. The call for prayers from the non-indigenous Christian community not only testifies to their faith but also demonstrates solidarity with Dr Nasir Gawuna.

The prayer conference also included appeals for peace and prosperity in Kano State and Nigeria at large, emphasizing a broader vision for a united and flourishing nation. The collective hopes extend beyond the immediate political context, envisioning a Kano and Nigeria where peace prevails, prosperity thrives, and democratic principles are upheld.

Honourable Seyi Olorunsola’s call for a prayer conference reflects not just the intensity of the political situation in Kano but also underscores the significance of faith and unity during times of uncertainty.

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Nigeria’s Fourth Republic: Politicians Who Accepted Defeat Without Going to Court Since 2003



Dr,Goodluck Jonathan,Engineer Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso and Dr Kayode Fayemi


Abbas Yushau Yusuf, Political Editor

As Nigeria’s Fourth Republic marks 24 years, elections were held in 1999, 2003, 2007, 2011, 2015, 2019, and most recently, in 2023 for the offices of councillors, LG Chairman, State Assemblies, Governors, National Assembly, and the office of the President.

By the time the Independent Electoral Commission concludes the process, litigation follows.

Only in 1999 was there very negligible litigation at the courts. The presidential candidate of the joint defunct APP and AD alliance, Chief Samuel Olu Falae, challenged the victory of Former President Olusegun Obasanjo in 1999, but the courts dismissed his appeal.

The 1999 General elections were conducted by the military administration of General Abdulsalami Abubakar.

By 2003, civilians started to conduct elections, and litigations continued to follow unabated.

Analysts opined that the election season in Nigeria with the highest number of litigations is the recent 2023 general elections.

It is said that 95 percent of the defeated politicians are still in the courts.

Below are some of the prominent Nigerian politicians who congratulated their opponents without going to court or their political parties in 20 years.

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

Former Nigeria’s President, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, is the first Nigerian presidential candidate who did not go to court to challenge his victory after the Independent National Electoral Commission declared his opponent, Muhammad Buhari of the APC, in the March 28 General elections.

Even before the final collation of results, he congratulated former President Muhammadu Buhari. Goodluck Jonathan was Nigeria’s President from May 6, 2010, to May 29, 2015.

Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso

Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso was Governor of Kano state from May 29, 1999, to May 29, 2003. He is the only Kano politician who congratulated his opponent since the 2003 election, even though as an incumbent Governor.

Kwankwaso was defeated by Malam Ibrahim Shekarau of the defunct All Nigeria People’s Party. Kwankwaso did not only stop at that; he visited the Governor-elect at the residence with his cabinet and congratulated Malam Shekarau.

Kwankwaso staged a surprise comeback in 2011 after 8 years; he concluded his second tenure on May 29, 2015.

Dr. Kayode Fayemi

Dr. Kayode Fayemi was Governor of Ekiti state from 2010 to 2014 after the Supreme Court sacked Segun Oni of the People’s Democratic Party.

Ekiti state is one of the Nigerian states where off-season elections take place. During the 2014 Governorship election, Dr. Kayode Fayemi of APC was defeated by Peter Ayodele Fayose of the People’s Democratic Party.

Dr. Kayode Fayemi went ahead to congratulate the winner and did not also go to court. Like Kwankwaso of Kano, Dr. Kayode Fayemi also contested in the 2018 election and won, concluding his second term in the year 2022.”

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