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A Fond Farewell to a Tenacious and Devoted Speaker: Honorable Femi Gbajabiamila, and a Warm Welcome to Honourable Tajuddeen Abbas”



Honourable Shaaban Ibrahim Sharada in A Tete Eye with Speaker Femi Gbajabiamila


By Malam (Dr) Sha’aban Ibrahim Sharada,OON.

In a symphony orchestrated by destiny, the 11th of June 2019 emerged as a pivotal day, heralding the proclamation of the illustrious 9th National Assembly. It was a moment that held immense significance for me, as I stepped into the shoes of an elected representative, entrusted with the arduous task of representing the resilient constituency of Kano Municipal in Nigeria. Just two days later, as if the universe conspired in perfect harmony, the sweet news of my fourth child’s arrival filled the air. Without hesitation, I bestowed upon him the name Abdulhakeem, an homage to the divine intervention that led to the fulfillment of our mission—to witness the rise of the venerable Right Honorable Abdulhakim Femi Gbajabiamila as the esteemed Speaker of the 9th National Assembly.
From the very beginning of our collective endeavor to secure the speakership position, I held a strong desire to chair a particular committee out of the 102 standing committees of the House. To pursue my aspiration, I mustered the courage to approach the honorable speaker and humbly requested that he consider me for the position of Chairman of the Committee on National Security and Intelligence, should the divine decree appoint him as the Speaker.
With a hint of jest, the speaker responded that he couldn’t promise specific committees to anyone, especially considering the strategic nature of the committee I had expressed interest in. However, undeterred, I persisted and emphasized the hurdles I had overcome and the future challenges that awaited me due to internal party crises in Kano.
On that memorable day of June 11th, 2019, as the House assembled for its inaugural sitting, I sat among like-minded individuals such as Rep. Tijjani Jobe, Rep. Yusif Gagdi, Rep. Koko, Rep. Makki Yan Liman, Rep. Hafiz Ibrahim, and other majority members, all passionately chanting “sai Gbaja” until our votes were counted, declaring him the victorious Speaker of the 9th National Assembly.
As time passed, my proximity to Honorable Speaker Femi Gbajabiamila grew, affording me the opportunity to observe him closely, with unwavering enthusiasm.
The bond I forged with the outgoing Speaker, Femi Gbajabiamila, inspired many like-minded individuals in the 9th assembly, as we sought to emulate his leadership as Speaker of the House.

Merely two weeks after our inauguration, I received a letter mandating me, alongside my colleague from Anambra State, Hon. Ifeanyi Moma, to represent the Speaker in Abidjan, the capital city of Côte d’Ivoire. It marked the first international assignment of the 9th House of Representatives.

A” week later, Speaker Femi Gbajabiamila bestowed upon me the honor of chairing the House Committee on National Security and Intelligence. As a newcomer to the House, the weight of this responsibility pressed heavily upon my mind.

Yet, the Speaker’s unwavering encouragement and his words affirming my capability, saying, “You can do it; you are equal to the task,” fortified my resolve.
Through these experiences, I came to understand that Honorable Speaker Gbajabiamila is a man of his word.
Notably, during my tenure as Chairman of the Committee, when Federal Government agencies arrived to defend their budgets following the presentation of the 2020 appropriation bill by former President Muhammad Buhari before the National Assembly, the Speaker inquired as to why I hadn’t invited agencies under my committee’s jurisdiction for their budget defense. Such a statement served to inspire and motivate me.
Kano APC Crisis
A true leader listens to their constituents and distinguishes the truth from the noise. When our party was engulfed in a severe leadership crisis in my home state of Kano, the Speaker faced repeated calls to remove me as the Chairman of the House Committee on National Security and National Intelligence, even after I had successfully served in that capacity for two years. Numerous attempts were made to coerce and intimidate Honorable Speaker Gbajabiamila, with the threat of withdrawing support from the 21 Kano House members if he did not yield to their demands. However, he steadfastly resisted the pressure, remaining resolute in the face of intimidation, and refused to succumb to the powers seeking my removal. Throughout it all, he implored them to allow him to resolve the matter amicably, while advising me to avoid actions that might escalate the crisis.
Upon learning of the challenges the Honorable Gbajabiamila was confronting, I offered to resign as chairman of the committee to relieve him of the burden. However, the affable speaker rejected my offer, insisting that I remain loyal to the party’s cause.
Furthermore, his guidance and extensive network provided me with invaluable empowerment. When I was elected President of the Network of African Parliamentarians for Defense and Security

Committees from 2021 to 2022, and subsequently elevated to the position of President General of the Network of African Parliamentarians for Defense and Security Committees in 2022, entrusted with coordinating the chairpersons of security-related committees across African Parliaments, I recognized the magnitude of his influence. Glory be to the Almighty, today we part ways as he answers the call to national service by assuming the role of Chief of Staff to the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Bola Ahmad Tinubu GCFR.
I am convinced that his conciliatory approach, which he exhibited as the Speaker of the 9th Assembly, House of Representatives, will continue to manifest as the Chief of Staff to the President. His unwavering commitment, resilience, patience, and compassion will undoubtedly yield positive results, enabling him to bridge the gaps and harmoniously administer governmental affairs between the executive, legislature, judiciary, state governments, and labor unions.
In closing, I wish to reiterate my unwavering loyalty and commitment as I undertake my new responsibility as the Executive Secretary of the Almajirai and Out-of-School Children Commission.
Once again, I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces, President Bola Ahmad Tinubu, for selecting Rt. Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila as his Chief of Staff. I express my gratitude to him for fostering unity within the House and rallying the members to support Tajuddeen Abbas as the incoming Speaker of the 10th Assembly.
May the Almighty guide the new Chief of Staff in faithfully serving our nation under the leadership of President Bola Ahmad Tinubu, acting as a bridge between the center and the entirety of Nigeria.
Finally, I seize this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to the constituents of Kano Municipal who entrusted me with their mandate four years ago, as well as to the 360 members of the House with whom we worked tirelessly.
Special thanks are due to my Deputy, Hon. Adeogun, the entire members of my committee, the secretariat led by the esteemed clerk, Dr. Eric, the coordinator, and the heads of agencies within the intelligence community. My gratitude knows no bounds, and I can only pray that the Almighty rewards you abundantly.

Honorable (Dr.) Sha’aban Ibrahim Sharada OON, is the outgoing member of the House of Representatives for Municipal Federal Constituency and now the Executive Secretary of the Almajirai And Out Of School Children Commission.


Juicy Ministries and the Geo-Political Zones of their Respective Senior Ministers.



Abubakar Dauda

By Abubakar Sadiq Dauda

The region of the bosses of the Super Ministries i.e. Ministries that have either a large budget size for capital expenditure or juicy parastatals under its supervision are as thus:

Works – South-East
Transportation – North-East
Power – South-West
Petroleum – South-South
Gas Resources – South-South
Finance – South-West
Communications – South-West
F.C.T. – South-South
Interior – South-West
Marine – South-West
Aviation – South-South
Defence – North-West
Police Affairs – North-East
Education – North-East
Health – North-East
Agriculture – North-East
Solid Minerals – South-West
Humanitarian – South-South

Take it or leave it, the North-west and the North-central zones did not get their fair portions, due to the fact that, this administration secured more votes in the Northwest and North-central zones combined, if compared to the total score secured in the remaining four Geo-political zones combined.

Read also: Ministerial Nominee’s: Between Fair Proportions and Political Relevance.

However, delivering his remark after the swearing-in, President Tinubu reminded the Ministers that they are ministers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and not Ministers of a particular region or state.

I want to believe and pray that the Ministers will be fair to all states and regions in terms of project delivery and job allocations.

Sadiq is a political analyst and observer, writes from Kano and can be reached via, sadiqdauda55@gmail.com

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EXCLUSIVE:Crisis in Former Governor Ganduje’s Camp Halts President Tinubu From Sending Ministerial Nominations From Kano



Last week, President Bola Ahmad Tinubu submitted 28 ministerial nominations, excluding 11 states, including Kano. A source revealed to NIGERIAN TRACKER  that the former Governor of Kano state, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, is insisting on submitting the name of APC returning officer for the Gubernatorial election in Kano, Engineer Rabiu Suleiman Bichi.

However, the APC Gubernatorial candidate in Kano, Alhaji Nasiru Yusuf Gawuna, is also pressuring to have his name included in the list for onward submission to the Senate for screening.

Exclusive: Kano Political Crisis Delays Tinubu From Sending Ministerial Nominations From Kano

The source added that the APC Governorship candidate is now sending emissaries to Governor Ganduje, urging him to submit his name as the ministerial nominee from Kano.

President Bola Ahmad Tinubu promised two ministerial slots for Kano, one for the NNPP National leader, Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, and one from the Gandujiyya camp of former Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje. Since Ganduje did not scale through the hurdles required to become a minister in President Tinubu’s cabinet, the President gave him the right to nominate a minister, which is now causing tensions within former Governor Ganduje’s political camp.

The source also informed NIGERIAN TRACKER that when President Bola Ahmad Tinubu submits the next nominations from Kano, it will be Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, the NNPP National leader, and one other nominee to be chosen by former Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje.

Another source has informed NIGERIAN TRACKER that the camp of the defunct Action Congress Of Nigeria in Kano, led by President Tinubu in the 2007 and 2011 elections, is insisting on appointing the Gubernatorial candidate of the party in 2011 and former Deputy Governor Of Kano state, Engineer Abdullahi Tijjani Muhammad Gwarzo.

The reasons given by former ACN stalwarts for President Tinubu appointing Engineer ATM Gwarzo into his cabinet are that President Tinubu is known for rewarding loyalty, and being his long-time ally, Engineer Gwarzo is among the most suitable candidates for a ministerial position in Kano.

Accordingly, President Tinubu is expected to contact the former Governor of Kano state, Malam Ibrahim Shekarau, despite currently being in PDP, due to his role in the formation of APC in 2011.

The source also mentioned that President Tinubu is not rushing to appoint ministers from Kano, as the appointment may have the blessings of the 14th Emir of Kano, whom President Tinubu may contact before finalizing the list from Kano.

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Exclusive:Tinubu’s Plan to Strengthen Political Base: Kwankwaso Considered for Cabinet Position”



Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso

In order to consolidate his political base across the country, strong indications have shown that President Bola Ahmad Tinubu has finally decided to bring in NNPP National leader, Engineer Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, into his cabinet.

A source, who is privy to the situation, informed NIGERIAN TRACKER that Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso has made it to the list of ministerial nominees of President Bola Ahmad Tinubu.

Before being sworn in on May 29, 2023, indications emerged that there were twists in the effort to make Kwankwaso one of President Tinubu’s cabinet members. However, the former Governor, who used his political influence to capture the whole of Kano, faced stiff opposition from the APC led by the former Governor of Kano, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje.

It was reported that Kwankwaso laid down some stringent conditions that could not be met by President Bola Ahmad Tinubu. Despite that, Tinubu still wants to make him his cabinet member due to the political influence of Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso.

The Senate was expected to read the names of the nominees, including Kwankwaso’s name, but the Senate adjourned to the following Tuesday.

The source confidently said, “Kwankwaso’s name is on the list because President Bola Tinubu is highly interested in working with him. He was impressed by how Kwankwaso’s party, NNPP, captured an important state like Kano.

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