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Kabiru Ado Lakwaya: The Most Active Commissioner In Kano State

By Khalid Sunusi Kani

The true measure of leadership capability and ability is influence- Nothing more, Nothing less! And a true leader is not expecting the political appointment to make him active, but rather he would do everything humanly possible to make a political appointment to be active for him.

This is a mentally quick and resourceful description of the sitting Commissioner, Ministry of Youth and Sports in the person of Hon. Kabiru Ado Lakwaya.

I am not the type of person that writes an article out of sympathy or just to protect my own personal interest, but I do write for clarifications, justifications and to satisfy my conscience based on the genuine facts, evidence, and figures at my disposal.

Even though I could not stop people with a myopic and tragicomic political ideology to criticize my write-ups, we are living in a democratic society where each individual has the right to voice out his anger and grievances.

Lakwaya is a youth leader, diverted his attention to the building and sharpening the characters of Kano State Youth.

We are all living witnesses that his appointment has rekindled a moral consciousness and redefines the purpose of Youth in governance in Kano State, and Nigeria at large.

He is truly and passionately trying to discharge the duties bound to his office as the Commissioner of Youth and Sports.

He unequivocally believes that “Youth is the cream of the society, must not be allowed to move on the path of destruction.

Arewa Youth Writes Buhari ,Says Protest a Threat to Country’s Collective Survival

The home and the school have a tremendous responsibility in shaping the character of youth. The youth need people to advise them, guide them, and to lead and show them the path of righteous, fruitful, and enjoyable activities.

And that correct directions given to youth can help them to be good and useful men of tomorrow”. This is the summary of his actions in words.

However, the Ministry of Youth and Sports under his watch is working hard to bring Unity and harmony among the youth in the State irrespective of their political affiliations through creating an avenue that will serve as a medium of communication among themselves.

It is achieved by making some commitments in formulating, implementing, coordinating, reviewing, and monitoring youth development policies, facilitating youth participation in the development processes.

And also coordinating and monitoring youth-led initiatives, advocating and promoting youth-led initiatives in the State. Moreover, developing youth resource centers; and facilitating leadership, entrepreneurship, and life skills training and among others are projects which he never stops to catch a breath at.

These momentous efforts have gravitated and magnetized the Youth from the opposition party to his inner political circle and some have started playing neutrality games in the political spectrum of the State.

Nevertheless, to understand the source of his influence is not a hard nut to crack. Because he is always determined to bring his dream to fruition. I remain a strong believer that the dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work. So, Lakwaya is a perfect example of a truly hard-working individual!

The secret behind his influence is something that is obvious and crystal clear to the good people of Kano State.

Lakwaya has been a dedicated, a good samaritan and hardworking Student Unionist for decades ranging from Local Government level, State and to National level.

That has been given him an opportunity to socialize, interact, and exchange ideas with students from the nooks and crannies of the State.

The continuous building of a relationship with the upcoming Student Union leaders has now metamorphosed to a mentor-mentee relationship.

It has generated biochemical relational chemistry that led to the propagation of an almost inseparable hydrogen bond between him and Student Union leaders in the state saturated by unalloyed belief in his core values which at any instant can without bias be translated into ‘Service to humanity’.

He is a person that always derived pleasure and Serenity from helping potential leaders within the Youth and Students circle to clinch the leadership roles. For the subscribed to the ideology of “The Law Of Explosive Growth”. The law says and I quote ” To Add Growth, Lead Followers And To Multiply, Lead Leaders”.

So, he believes in producing leaders among the teeming youth of Kano State. That’s why he is uncountably and astronomically multiplying his wings of influence within the State and beyond because he chose to produce leaders over followers. It has just reminded me of a quote from an outstanding leadership expert John C. Maxwell “Leaders become great not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others”. Actually, this is an added feather in his cap!

This has proven to us that, he is a secured leader. Because only secure leaders give power to others.

He was once a Chairman of the National Youth Council of Nigeria, Kano State. Which is a blast of all time! That gave him an excellent opportunity to understand the demands and needs of the teeming youth in the State due to a favorablecombination of circumstances.

Apart from unemployment and other problems that have been cankerworms at youthful age he had well-understood that Youth is in dire need to be relevant in the decision-making process.

That’s why he has changed the narratives and approaches on running the Youth activities in the state by socializing, interacting, and bringing Youth leaders on board, all with the sole intention of putting things in an apple pie order.

At the tail end, I would like to conclude by saying his lifestyle has never been changed from what he used to be before assuming the office of Honourable Commissioner. He still does attend condolences, wedding ceremonies, and other social events.

I do hope the reader of this article is convinced with the above mentioned few points of mine that Lakwaya is the most influential and active commissioner in Kano State.

Khalid Sunusi Kani is a public affairs analyst and National Coordinator Coalition of Kano Youth Group . He can be reached through, 07030631259

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