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Osinbajo’s Loyalists Launch Presidential Campaign in Kano, Say VP Best to Succeed Buhari





Political gladiators loyal to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo on Saturday launched the VP’scampaign movement for the 2023 presidential election. They called the movement The New Nigerian Tribe.

Speaking at the well attended event which held in Kano, House of Representative Member representing Tarauni LGA, Hon. Hafiz Kawu declared that “Professor Osinbajo is a loyal and dependable Nigerian who has all that it takes to lead the country.”.

The launch of Vice President Osinbajo’s Campaign Movement comes less than a week after the National Leader of the APC, Bola Tinubu, informed President Muhammadu Buhari of his decision to throw his hat into the ring.

Kawu who was a Personal Assistant to the VP between 2015 and 2019, added that Osinbajo believes in the youths of Nigeria and that is why most of those that work with him are below the age of forty.

He insisted that the VP believes in one Nigeria. While speaking at the event, leader of the group, Senator Olusola Adeyeye  insisted at the event that of all those who have declared interest in the nation’s top job,Osinbajo remained the best, describing him as a “tested and trusted hand, with the right temperament, the intellectual fire power, and governance ethos best suited for this moment”.

He said too often,Nigerians have been promised better governance by individuals who have continuously preyed on the legitimate desires of the people for their conditions to be improved, the very reason Osinbajo’s aspiration comes as a breath of fresh air.“For me, it is an easy choice to make.

For millions of Nigerians, given a chance, it should equally be an easy choice to make except that many are in pessimism that arose from wanton betrayal by governments.   For the new Tribe here gathered plus millions of our cohorts all over Nigeria, our choice is clear and simple. It is Vice President Osinbajo!”

Adeyeye explained that Osinbajo’s suitability for the nation’s top job was not in doubt given that his rise to prominence is not a fluke or a national infatuation but the consequence of his remarkable skills.

According to him, Osinbajo has all that it takes— “a keen intellect, noble intentions and the wit and grace to express them in ways that have inspired millions across the country. “Osinbajo has a rare gift exactly suited to the fearful times — he knows the language of reassurance and hope. Whatever Osinbajo says is carefully considered, whether in private discourse or in public fora, Osinbajo has been the voice of moderation, combining common sense and compassion on issue after issue”.

He posited that in this trying period, Nigeria needs a Statesman who envisions Nigeria as a self-sufficient, self-sustaining, upper middle tier country in the shortest possible time and not some selfish leaders that have been pulling the nation back.“I believe that the moment is here. I believe that the new tribe has been prepared for this moment and that you will step up, in different parts of Nigeria, as enablers of this moment,” Adeyeye said The Osun State born politician who noted that Kano was picked for the launch of Osinbajo’s campaign movement because of its history of activism, level of political awareness and its massive votes that have always come as a political tide to push Nigeria in the right direction, said the numbers, political culture and resourcefulness of the people of Kano will serve as the raw materials for the future that Nigerians so desperately desire.“

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The choice of Kano as the place to launch the new tribe is symbolic and historic. In Kano we find the numbers, the richness of culture and resourcefulness that will serve as the raw materials for the future we so desperately desire.

Kano speaks to our past,the present and our future in unique and evocative ways. It is appropriate that it is in the city of Kano that we today launch the birth of a new tribe that will herald the birth of a new Nigeria,” Adeyeye said.

Notable politicians present at the event include former Deputy Governor of Kano State, Hafiz Abubakar, former Kano State House of Assembly member,  Hon. Aliko Mukhtar Shuaibu  and a long time political player Hon AbdulRahmanBaffa Yola.


You are Saying What Is Not On Your Mind-Prof Hafizu Replies Commissioner Of Information



Professor Hafizu


Former Kano state Deputy Governor Professor Hafizu Abubakar said the Kano state commissioner of information Muhammad Garba is making utterances that is not in his heart.

The former Deputy Governor made the statement during an interview with Premier Radio Kano monitored by the NIGERIAN TRACKER.

Professor Hafizu was replying Muhammad Garba’s response to a statement he made that he will not support Ganduje during the forthcoming 2023 general elections.

Professor Abubakar said that the press release issued by Muhammad Garba to newsmen is replete with innuendos and sarcasm.


The former Deputy Governor said he is still in APC but will not support Ganduje and his ilk in the forthcoming general elections due to the persecution he is facing within the APC.

“Iam not surprised with Muhammad Garba’s statement because I know his background. Look at the press release he issued a sarcastic one , the headline was constructed as if he is praying for me while the content is filled with defamation and innuendos. I want to also let him know that he is working in the public office and I am an indigene of Kano State, I have a say on how my state is being governed, although l am not surprised by Mr Garba’s press release on my position regarding his principal” He said.

“I sat with Governor Ganduje several times to iron issues regarding the persecution of my people in APC but nothing change.” He further said.

The former Deputy Governor said he is still standing on his position about relating with uncivilized folks ,in a situation where by people of Muhammad Garba’s calibre and a Commissioner of information who is being paid from the state’s purse will make sarcastic statement about my profession as professor of food and nutrition then what do you expect from such people.

He said these are people releasing statements portraying me as a political prostitute and now they are praying for God to touch my heart and support the APC despite the persecution I am facing from them.

The former Deputy Governor said he is quite sure that even if he offered himself to support Ganduje and his people during the forthcoming election he is very sure his political followers will revolt against the decision.

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Nigeria: Civil society groups advocates for improved government fundings on  fight against malaria



Civil society round table


By Abdulgafar Oladimeji


Civil society organizations under the aegis of Civil Society in Malaria Control, Immunization, and Nutrition, ACOMIN has tasked  Nigerian governments at all levels to increase their investments  in the fight against malaria to enhance national public health services .


The group at a media parley session held along Court road in Kano to commemorate World Malaria Day, WMD  with the theme, “ Promoting and Celebrating Community Contributions to Health   expressed the firm belief  on the crucial  need to further educate the Nigerian public on the sensitive  need for them to imbibe malaria prevention practices as a residual way of  lifestyle.


ACOMINS at the end of the one day session after enumerating  the achievements recorded by the groups that constitute their  coalition, then recommended that  “In order to contribute to the promotion and sustenance of these gains, ACOMIN is calling on the mass media to “Advocate for government at all levels to increase their budgetary allocations to malaria in particular and health in general, adding that the fight against the ailment will require mass  contribution from  communities, philanthropists and the private sector in sustaining  malaria targeted interventions.

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The  august body  charged officials of Kano State of Ministry Health   to  squarely address the issue of shortage of public conveniences that are existent in health centre facilities across all parts of the state, adding that the  State Primary Health Care Management Board should also  organize capacity building progranmmes for  health facility staff on the need for strict adherence to malaria guidelines.

Saying “Religious leaders and the Ward Development Committee (WDC) members should encourage pregnant women to uptake available malaria services provided at the health facilities. Ward Development Community and Facility Health Community (WDC)/FHC) officials should ensure effective maintenance and proper management of the health facilities, particularly the inflow and outflow of consumables and non-consumables.

ACOMIN said that  major challenges  crippling efforts to improve health delivery services in Kano state includes, “Inadequate supply of Intermittent prevention Therapy (IPT) and Sulfadoxine pyrimethamine (SP) at most of the facilities. Inadequate toilet facilities in several health centres across the state.Poor adherence to malaria treatment guidelines by health workers. Inadequate supply of Long-lasting Insecticide (LLIN).”


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NAF has justified FG’s support – Buhari



President Buhari At NAF Base In Kano



President Muhammadu Buhari has lauded the Nigerian Air Force for living up to its constitutional responsibilities of securing the nation and justifying the huge investments of the government in the last seven years.

The President stated this on Monday while speaking at the NAF base in Kano during celebrations to mark the 58th Anniversary of the Air Force.


“The Nigerian Air Force has been able to meet its constitutional responsibilities thereby justifying the Government’s enormous support in the last 7 years. I, therefore, congratulate the Chief of the Air Staff, officers and airmen/airwomen as well as civilian staff of the Nigerian Air Force on this occasion of the 58th Anniversary,” he said.

Buhari explained that the Air Force had transformed into a formidable entity, ready to confront immediate and future challenges.


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“The Nigerian Air Force has over these 58 years transformed into a formidable and resilient air force that is positioned to effectively tackle both contemporary and future security challenges.

“This adaptability has thus enabled the Service to respond effectively to our dynamic national security challenges.

“On the assumption of office in 2015, we promised to equip and re-professionalize our armed forces to perform their constitutional responsibilities more effectively, we have therefore demonstrated the required political will and leadership as well as committed resources towards capacity building and re-professionalizing of the armed forces.

“Today, I can say confidentially that the armed forces have indeed witnessed tremendous improvement in the past seven years. In particular, the provision of modern equipment and personnel motivation through enhanced welfare are also ongoing,” Buhari added.


The President noted that the provision of modern equipment and personnel motivation like the Super Tucanos and the Augusta helicopter gunships among others, had greatly helped turn the tide in the fight against terrorists and other non-state actors.

He assured that the administration would continue to provide more platforms to modernize the Nigerian armed forces.

“We have approved the procurement of more platforms such as the Beechcraft, some modern helicopter gunships and UAVs for the Nigerian Air Force to enable it to man our airspace more effectively,” he added.

Buhari commended the Minister of Defence, the Chief of the Defence Staff, the Service Chiefs as well as the leadership of the security agencies for doing their jobs well.

“I urge you to remain committed, steadfast and resolute as we forge ahead to achieving a secure, peaceful and more prosperous Nigeria,” the president said.

He also lauded the Chief of the Air Staff, officers, airmen, airwomen and civilian staff of the air force for the good work they are doing to support the Government’s defence and security policies.

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