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Rt. Hon. Tajuddeen Abbas, Ph.D.: A Consummate Legislator and Bridge Builder (Iyan Zazzau)



Tajuddeen Abbas

by Mal. Sadiq Safana

“A machine can do the work of 40 men, but no machine can do the work that Iyan Zazzau does.” Returning to the Green Chamber for the fourth time, Rt. Hon. Tajuddeen Abbas stands as one of Nigeria’s longest-serving legislators. He is widely recognized as one of the most accessible legislators among the 360 representatives in our nation.

With unwavering dedication, he tirelessly works towards achieving the day’s goals and delivering the dividends of democracy. The development he has brought to his constituents is extraordinary and deserves recognition in both national and global records. Iyan Zazzau’s passion for women and youth empowerment has led to the creation of thousands of employment opportunities.

Before assuming office in the Green Chamber to represent Zaria Federal Constituency of Kaduna State, this ever-smiling legislator shared his knowledge as a lecturer at Kaduna State University, positively impacting the lives of many. Since his election in 2011, he has served his constituency with dedication and has proven himself as a management and financial expert who can compete globally.

Throughout his service, Rt. Hon. Tajuddeen Abbas has held various positions, from committee memberships to vice chairman, demonstrating his expertise as a veteran lawmaker. Currently leading the Land Transport Committee of the House, he has left an indelible mark with people-oriented projects that benefit not only his constituency but the entire nation. His achievements as a legislator are visible to all and have been engraved in the hearts of many.

Sadiq Safana,the writer

Sadiq Safana, the writer

To date, Rt. Hon. Tajuddeen Abbas has sponsored over 70 bills, making him one of the most vibrant lawmakers in the history of the National Assembly. His adoption as Speaker of the 10th Assembly was widely acclaimed as one of APC’s best decisions since assuming power in 2015. His patriotism remains noticeable to both the APC and the electorate.

Iyan Zazzau’s nomination signals the dawn of a new era of all-inclusive and innovative legislation that our country needs. Those who know him describe him as an excellent legislator with the intellectual capacity to lead the 10th Assembly. Colleagues who have worked with him attest to his prudence and transparency, while many consider him a master of the game.

Rt. Hon. Tajuddeen Abbas truly embodies the qualities of a 21st-century legislator. He is transparent, dedicated, accountable, and a true gentleman. As an incoming speaker, his tireless efforts and inclusive leadership style will be indispensable to the incoming administration’s collaboration with all arms of government to deliver the dividends of democracy to Nigerians. He is a leader who rises to the occasion anytime and anywhere, and his peers stand with him, no matter how strong the wind blows.

Recognizing the value of traditional institutions, he champions the cause of the downtrodden and takes pleasure in ensuring the right thing is done for the sovereignty of our nation. With unwavering integrity, Iyan Zazzau stands tall and commands respect. He is a leader who serves as a source of motivation and inspiration for thousands of youths.

Others are drawn to his most admired traits: service and excellence. Kaduna State is fortunate to have a rare breed in Rt. Hon. Tajuddeen Abbas. We thank Allah for bestowing Kaduna State with such a maverick leader. As a scion of the Mallawa Ruling House of Zazzau Emirate, he has now joined the Hall of Fame of great men who have held the prestigious title of Iyan Zazzau.

Occupying a significant position with a strong commitment to fostering renewed hope in Nigeria under the administration of Bola Tinubu, Rt. Hon. Tajuddeen Abbas is poised to join the ranks of great men who have laid a solid foundation for the nation’s development. With over a decade of invaluable experience garnered through an impressive career in the nation’s legislature, he has mastered the art of lawmaking while diligently serving the nation day by day.

These experiences and qualities are possessed by only a select few contestants. As the Speaker of the 10th Assembly, his nomination by the Party’s National Working Committee is undoubtedly well-deserved. A vote for Iyan Zazzau is a vote for renewed hope, as he is committed to bringing positive change and progress to our great nation


Rivers Boils, Kano Simmer: Political Chaos and Federal Indifference




Harun Muhammad

For those that have been following with a keen interest, Rivers politics has been intensely boiling for almost a year now. First, a state Governor losing a control of his entire cabinet members, and the State Assembly intended to serve him an impeachment notice. Instead to allow that unfortunate event to happen, he instructed demolition of the House Assembly chamber. This single act could’ve been termed as an absolute abuse of power and treasonable offence against the democratic settings of our land. However, nothing happened.

Secondly, while on that mission of emancipation, we have watched with dismay how the police, under instructions from those close to the corridors of powers, discharge out hot water on the Executive Governor of Rivers, all in the attempt to stop him from having access to the Assembly chamber. However, that didn’t stop him. The Governor, used executive power to present his budget to minority assembly members, which was considered as illegitimate way of democratic processes. Again, nothing happened.

Thirdly, since last few months, there has been tension in the state because the tenure of the existing local government chairmen is expiring tomorrow. As a result, the Wike and Fubara’s camp started throwing heavy threats. The former’s camp is claiming that only the court of law can sack them while the later are saying, based on the orders from the Governor, they must vacate their seats before tomorrow. As I am writing this, it is getting spontaneously tense in Rivers, and only God knows when this melting pot will stop boiling.

Why am I saying this?

Ever since this series of events started to emerge in Rivers, the State Governor and the security forces in the state, despite multiple court orders and proceedings, have been working closely with Gov Fubara. There has never a time when a Commissioner of Police publicly disagreed with the Governor. In fact, the first CP was removed and new one was issued into the state at the peak of the turmoil just to make things easier for the Governor.

Rivers, being one of the oil-producing states, is a critical factor to Nigeria’s evaporating economy. With political instability on ground, a clear threat to the national security is conspicuously aiming to emerge. However, there was never a time the security forces takeover some portion of the state against the State Governor’s order. There was never a time security forces usurped the Executive Governor. There was never a single time.

On the other hand, in Kano, the state government passed a law to revert the Emirate to its status quo, which has been in existing over 100 years ago. The Governor, by the power given to him constitutionally, signed the bill into law. By that single Act, the Governor generously refused to send the dethroned out of the state against the tradition of the Emirate in the past.

Despite this, some political actors find themselves in a position to destabilise the peaceful coexistence of the state, which has given them everything. Consequently, with the help from the above, they have been fanning the embers of resentment which continues to smolder, threatening to reignite from time to time.

It should be noted that, the Rivers and Kano issues are mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive events. However, the later seems to have drawn more attention to the security forces and federal government, despite posing significantly less threat to the national security than the one in Rivers. The question is: why always Kano?

Again, it should be noted that the political actors, having been democratically defeated at the polls twice, including the courts, are hellbent to continuously cause unending chaos in Kano State, and therefore prepare them for 2027 election.

We shall remind the Federal Government that the people who are encouraging them to challenge a democratically elected Governor are not doing the entire process a favour. More specifically, what we want the state actors to note that they are setting a dangerous precedence because tomorrow someone with access to power could play a worse syntax against the laws in the land.

The world is watching, and seven years—even if those in power secure re-election—will quickly pass.

Haroun Muhammed writes from Lagos, Nigeria

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The Wike ,I never Expect-Abba Hamisu



Governor Wike making the address


Abba Hamisu

Glad to be a resident of Abuja the Federal Capital Territory FCT,glad to have Nyesom Wike as FCT Minister .

Yes in past nine years particularly from 2014 to 2022 I frequently visit Abuja from Kano mostly by air as one of my clients that I provide TV content for them paid the bill on weekly basis together with one or two of my workers at Time Base TvAfrica ,but from the Airport to my hotel all I see then was dust plus harders walking freely around some of the strategic areas of the city .

But with coming of the former Rivers State Governor Wike who mostly perceived to be a stubborn politician ,things have suddenly change overnight.

What I mean by overnight is that the man have change the face of Abuja within one year. I am proud with this development and appreciate the support of Dr. Bunkure ,the State Minister of FCT who was the former Commissioner for Higher Education in Kano State from 2019 to 2023.

With out bothering you much ,what really passionate me about this man is the completion of the Abuja Metro rail which was initiated during the second tenure of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

Serial FCT Ministers couldn’t complete this project but Wike did. From Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport to the National Stadium down to Edu rail station up to the Central area ,the main Metro stations,was a lovely journey,free of charge for all passengers including me on 7th June 2024 .And according to the plan ,the train will be free up to December 2024.

So Abuja residents like me and Visitors have every right to enjoy this giant project of Wike.

Congratulations Abuja residents and Nigerians by Extension.

My hope is to see Kano light rail soon ,forget about politics ,Governor Yusuf should learn from Wike ,as Prophet of Islam (S A.W ) said “Wisdom is the property of a pious man ,he should pick it where ever he see’s it”.

Kano need modern transportation system fly overs and under passes alone can not provide the needed solutions.

Abba Hamisu Sani ,is the CEO Time Base TvAfrica/Nigerian Bureau Chief Africa Press and the National Coordinator Society For Patriotic Journalism.

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Federal Government Agents Must Uphold the Law, Not Cause Havoc in Kano



Emir Of Kano Muhammadu Sunusi II


By Turaki Abubakar

The recent turmoil surrounding the emirship throne in Kano is distressing and alarming. I am compelled to speak out against the blatant disregard for the law and moral integrity by federal government agents and certain political factions.

Governor Kabir Abba Yusuf has signed into law a decision that deposed the five emirs, effectively reinstating Muhammadu Sanusi II as the Emir of Kano. However, federal security institutions, including the Nigerian Army, Police, and the Department of State Services (DSS), are allegedly working against the implementation of this law, undermining the state’s legal authority.

The complicity of former Governor Ganduje and his camp in this legal defiance is evident. They are abusing the judicial process by rushing to federal courts in Abuja for matters that should be under the exclusive jurisdiction of state high courts. This is a dangerous precedent for federal overreach into state matters.

It is shameful and degrading for institutions like the Nigerian military, police force, and DSS to be allegedly compromised in this manner. Their involvement in this unconstitutional stand-off is a direct affront to the resolutions passed by the Kano State House of Assembly and signed into law by Governor Abba.

The jurisdictional issues are clear. State high courts have exclusive jurisdiction over chieftaincy matters, not federal courts. The Federal High Court has overstepped its bounds by entertaining cases related to the emirship that are the purview of state courts.

I urge senior lawyers, citizens, and all those with a conscience to speak out against this encroachment on Kano’s autonomy and legal integrity. The law must take its rightful place. Aminu Ado Bayero is no longer the Emir of Kano, and unless the law is repealed and his appointment reversed, Muhammadu Sanusi II remains the duly appointed Emir.

In conclusion, the federal government must refrain from encouraging impunity and ensure that its agents respect the rule of law. The institutions responsible for maintaining law and order should not be used as tools for political maneuvering and unconstitutional actions. It is high time that the federal government upholds the principles of justice and legality, allowing Kano State to govern its affairs without undue interference.

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