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It Takes The Tolerant Of The Terrorist To Live With The Terrorist



Bala Ibrahim


By Bala Ibrahim.

A Video of the Labour Party, LP, presidential candidate, Peter Obi is currently trending on the social media, lifted from an interview on Channels Television, where Mr Obi is denouncing the claim of the Federal Government, that the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, is a terrorist organization. Following the implication of IPOB in inciting violence against the state and other actors, Nigeria proscribed it as a terrorist organisation, because by law, the government has a legitimate duty to pursue and arrest persons who are, or are suspected of being involved with, or supporting any group that poses a threat to national safety and security.

Despite the evident and countless atrocities committed by IPOB, including the maiming of people, killings of security operatives and the various cases of arson carried out by the group, Peter is of the opinion that IPOB members are not terrorists. “The only thing I disagree with is naming IPOB terrorist, they are not terrorists. I know them, I live with them. I usually see people gathering, and I have never had the sense of threat or molestation from them, even when they gather. Those who took the decision may have information that I don’t have. I stay in Onitsha, and I can tell you that they are people I pass them on the road every day”-Peter Obi.

There is a popular saying that it takes a thief to catch a thief, and the simple explanation of the phrase is, one dishonest person can guess what another dishonest person might do, or is doing, and because they share a common mission, they can be described as people of the same qualities. This assumption is premised on the fact that people who share the same objectives cannot easily change the way they behave and think, hence, once a thief, always a thief. Or once a terrorist, always a terrorist.

In theorizing such credence, Donna Fleming said there is a nexus between a thief and a terrorist, because both of them rob you of the truth you deserve. “You can’t really trust them concerning anything, so there really isn’t any hope of having a good relationship with them. In addition, it’s nearly impossible to make a plan to deal with a liar, because you don’t know what is true and what is not. If the thief in this scenario is not a liar, I would take the thief. But to be a thief, you must be a liar, and the terrorist combines thievery and terrorism. You can make a plan to deal with a thief, especially if you know they will give honest answers to your questions. But you cant with a terrorist. Aligning with any of the two, is like aligning with dishonesty”.

Disturbed by their nuisance, including the incessant agitation for the actualization of Biafra, the Nigerian government proscribed IPOB, but despite the proscription, its leader, Nnamdi Kanu, continued to push for the actualization of the same separatist agenda. After committing a lot of havoc, Nnamdi Kanu fled the country, when security operatives tried to arrest him in September 2017. But pursuant to the international collaborative efforts with security agencies, Kanu was arrested outside the country and repatriated to Nigeria. Since then, Mr Kanu and his co-defendant are facing treasonable felony charges at the Federal High Court in Abuja.

Addressing the press on the atrocities of IPOB, the Attorney-General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami said the armed separatists killed about 175 security personnel, and a number of high-profile persons between October 2020 and June 2021. “on October 21, 2020, Nnamdi Kanu, through an online call-in radio programme (Radio Biafra), further instigated IPOB members to burn down all police stations and kill government security forces, which was carried out and several security personnel (especially police officers) were killed and public and private properties destroyed. One hundred and seventy-five (175) security personnel were killed by IPOB/ESN, comprising one hundred and twenty eight (128) policemen, thirty seven (37) military personnel and ten (10) other security operatives”-Malami.

But all these not withstanding, the Presidential candidate of the LP, Mr. Peter Obi, has not for once, seen anything wrong in what Kanu is doing. In fact, while northern leaders, including prominent party leaders from the region, were in the forefront of the pressure on the government to classify Boko Haram as a terrorist organization, Peter Obi is strongly supporting the action of his kinsmen in IPOB.

According to Adamu Garba, of the APC, Peter Obi would not call IPOB terrorists because it may affect his 2023 presidential ambition. He said if Obi wants to be seen as a nationalist, and not the regionalist that he looks like, with silent sympathy for a separatists agenda, he should call a press conference and declare IPOB a terrorist organization. “To disprove Miyetti Allah, Peter Obi should go to Arewa House, organize a media conference & categorically call IPOB as terrorists that they are, like all senior political leaders from the North called Boko Haram and Bandits as terrorists. But Alas, he may not do that.”

Just this morning, I saw another video on the social media, where another young man was talking with similar sentimentality to that of Nnamdi Kanu. With the boldness of a separatist, and the recklessness of an anarchist, the guy was unequivocal, that elections would not hold in the south east come 2023. The region he said, would only hold a referendum, on whether to exit Nigeria in peace, as Biafra, or Biafra engages the Nigerian state in a Gorilla warfare.

This a bad omen in support of the saying that, it takes the tolerant of the terrorist to live with the terrorist.


Staying Loyal: Key to Winning Elections in Nigeria-Reno Omokri



Obasanjo ,Yaradua and Jonathan during the May 29 2007 handover to President Yaradua

Reno Omokri

If you want to win an election in Nigeria, you can’t jump from party to party. Nobody who has done that has ever won an election at the centre in Nigeria from our amalgamation by the British in 1914 to now. Nobody! You can do so at the regional and state level, especially where your region has ethnic homogeneity. But in a pluralistic federation, you are toast if you do that.

Only those who have remained loyal to their parties have ever won elections as Presidents or Prime Ministers in Nigeria. Your party can go into coalition and merger with another party, or it can change its name and your reputation will remain intact. But when you leave your party to join another party, the people also leave you.

No matter what happens within your party, stay there and resolve the situation. Assert yourself th amere. Go from battleground to common ground. If you cannot lead your party out of a crisis, you will not be able to convince non-tribal critical thinking voters that you can lead the country out of crisis.

Tafawa Balewa was a member of the Northern Peoples Congress. He never changed parties. Shagari was a member of the National Party of Nigeria, which was an offshoot of the Northern Peoples Congress. He never changed parties.

Obasanjo, Yar’adua and Jonathan were members of the Peoples Democratic Party. They never changed parties.

Buhari was a member of the All Peoples Party, which later changed its name to the All Nigeria Peoples Party. The party eventually split, and Buhari went with the Congress for Progressive Change, which, in 2013, merged with other parties to form the All Progressives Congress.

Tinubu was a member of the Social Democratic Party, which was dissolved by Abacha in 1993. Following this, he helped found the Alliance for Democracy, which merged with other parties to form the Action Congress of Nigeria in 2006. The ACN merged with other parties to form the APC in 2013.

Nigerian Politicians should learn from history. The best predictor of the future is the past. Between now and 2027, any politician who leaves his party for another party, except where there is a merger, is just wasting his time and money if he contests for the Presidency.

A country struggling with political stability cannot afford a leader who also struggles with his own mental and political stability.

Sadly, in Nigeria, to leave your party in Presidential politics is to live in pity as a perennial candidate!

Reno Omokri is a former Adviser to President Jonathan

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When Two Kano Elephant fights, The Grass Suffers -Kabiru Anka



By Kabiru Anka PhD.


The political Intrigues in Kano State in recent time can be rationalised within the dictim of the adage of “When two Elephants fight ,the Grass Suffers”.
It all began with series of litigations and media attacks aimed at former Governor of the state and the National Chairman of ALL Progressives Congress (APC) Abdullahi Umar Ganduje ostensibly by the NNPP lead State government of Abba Kabiru Yusuf

The government, using its organs gone filled multiple court cases against Governor Ganduje and his wife, creating a climate of turmoil and uncertainty in the state.

The fact that the government has taken such drastic measures, including an orchestrated suspension of Ganduje from his party at the ward level, highlights the magnitude of the crisis that has emerged at the national party level. Interest groups are now jostling to take advantage of the situation and capitalize on Ganduje’s vulnerabilities to potentially remove him from office.
However, amidst all these Intrigues is the underlying fact aimed at the demolition of the structure of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kano State.
It didn’t stop at that , there is also the glaring evidence to stop work on all inherited projects of the former government even at great cost to tax the payers.
As a result, the political turmoil in Kano State has far-reaching implications not only for Ganduje but also for the overall stability of the APC in the state and of course the development of the people.
The power play between interest groups and the state government threatens to disrupt the political status quo and create a vacuum that could be exploited by opportunistic elements.
The situation in Kano State is a reflection of the complex and often treacherous nature of Nigerian politics. As Ganduje navigates through this storm of litigation and media attacks, it is crucial for all stakeholders to prioritize the interests of the people and work towards a resolution that upholds the democratic principles on which our society is built. Only through unity and cooperation can we overcome the challenges that lie ahead and forge a path towards a brighter future for Kano State and Nigeria as a whole than witch hunting a man who worked tirelessly for the sustainability of APC in Kano and success recorded during the last general elections.

The citizens of Kano deserve leaders who prioritize their well-being and work towards the common good, rather than engaging in power struggles and personal vendettas.
Moving forward, it is essential for all parties involved to engage in constructive dialogue and find common ground to resolve the political turmoil in Kano State. By focusing on the issues that truly matter to the people, such as infrastructure development, healthcare, education, and job creation, etc.

Ultimately, the future of Kano State rests on the ability of its leaders to rise above petty politics and prioritize the welfare of the citizens than running after a man who did his best to develop the state as governor.
Two many projects we leant have been abandoned while new ones are being flagged off. Ironically Ganduje completed many of the projects initiated by Kwankwaso. Indeed ,when two elephants fight the grass suffers.

Dr Kabiru Anka is political analysis based in Kano

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Gov. Gida-Gida and Ganduje: The Firing of Unwarranted Political Salvos-Adamu Aminu



Former Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje and Successor Abba Kabir Yusuf


By Adamu Aminu.

It is extremely disheartening to see how recently our two elder statesmen, the Kano state Governor, His Excellency, Abba Kabir Yusif, politically known as Abba Gida-Gida, and his immediate predecessor, the ex-Kano and present APC National chairman, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, are busy exchanging salvos directly at each other.

The exchanges of verbal brawls through their spokesmen emanated shortly after Governor Abba Kabir Yusif inaugurated two judicial commissions of inquiry to investigate cases of misappropriation of public property, political violence, and missing persons from 2015 to 2019 to 2023.

It was unfortunate; all the accusations and counter-accusations from both sides were riddled with harsh and demeaning words, deemed unrepeatable and unworthy to come from our respected leaders who are beating chests of leading Kano, the state that has reached the zenith of political maturity in the whole nation.

I was automatically dumbfounded by how the exchanged salvos and political sarcasm were randomly so directed at each other, without revisiting the fact that history never lies; someday, posterity will judge them.

This comes at a time when the warring parties should set aside their differences and make Kano their concern and priority, but they resorted to opening the doors of all blackmailing arsenals at their disposal, overtly directed at each other, without knowing that their utterances and accusations are doing more harm than good to Kano state in general.

This came at a time when our counterpart States in the South, like Lagos, Rivers, and others, have already set politics aside and deeply engaged in the execution of developmental projects for their people, but Kano, a state of whole-tenure politics, is dragging feet towards the fulfillment of promises during electioneering campaigns.

At this time when most Kano industries are not functional, there is no portable water, unemployment, poverty, hunger, and thuggery clogging the wheels of Kano’s economic development, instead, they resorted to engaged in trading bitter words and pointing accusing fingers at themselves.

I think it’s time for our Excellency, the state governor Abba Kabir Yusif, and his predecessor Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, to wake up from their slumbers and stop demeaning themselves politically.

Trading accusations of one’s incompetence, docility, and another’s accusation of land grabbing and rat-like behavior is not the utmost priority for Kano populace.

It’s time to stop deceiving ourselves with the longstanding Kano praise “Kano Tumbin Giwa, Ko dame Kazo An Fika,” which means Kano, the melting pot, whatever you came along with, you’re far left behind. Kano state in this modern era deserves to be far from where it is now.

I do hope and pray that Governor Abba and his predecessor Ganduje make Kano and Kanawas their utmost priority. They are our role models, exchanging incendiary remarks with each other will show that politics isn’t only a dirty game, it’s a dirty war of raining curses and abuses.

They should know that someday around this time, they will be no more; only their legacies will make them immortal in the memory of Kano populace.

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