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FG promises to revive  Kano Industries



Kano Industries

.By Danliti Ibrahim


The Minister of Industries, Trade and Investment, Mr Niyi Adebayo, on Tuesday, said the federal government will boost the current intervention support to the manufacturing and key sectors of the economy to improve their productivity amidst the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.


The minister stated this when he led a delegation from his ministry to pay a Courtesy Visit to  Emir of Kano Alhaji Aminu Ado Bayaro.

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The minister who was represented by director planning and strategies, ministry of Industries, trade, and investments, Alhaji Tijjani Inuwa Babura, said they were in Kano to assess how the pandemic coronavirus has created a consciousness among Kano citizen on the need for all stakeholders to look inward in solving the economic challenges.


Tijjani Inuwa who is also the chairman of Committee on Sustainable Production and Delivery of Essential Commodities during Covid-19 assured the Emir of Kano that the  minister emphasized the need to boost local production of key commodities going forward which are Produced by Industries


The on-going distortions in the Nigerian economy occasioned by instability in the management of forex, lack of electricity, infrastructure, as well as increased taxation, have continued to fuel the closure of industries and their plants in Nigeria’s North-west state of Kano, he added.


A total of over 200 manufacturing plants and Industries have closedown in the city of Kano from 1994 to date, due to lack of electricity.


In his response, Emir of Kano Alhaji Aminu Ado Bayero assured to give his support in the committee in order to revive Kano Economy through Industries.

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Honorable Mai Nasara’s Vision to Harness Business Start-ups and Export Potentials 




Abdulrahman Salga, popularly known as Mai Nasara, the esteemed chairman of the PDP House of Representatives Members Aspirants for Dala Local Government Area of Kano State and a leading figure in the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has called for initiatives that will result in the development of Business Start-ups and Export Potentials in Dala Local Government.

Dala Local Government is known for its diverse economic activities. Residents engage in dyeing, blacksmithing, local bread making, pot making, farming, fishing, and shoemaking. These traditional industries form the backbone of Dala’s local economy, contributing significantly to its commercial vibrancy.

In an exclusive interview, Alhaji Abdulrahman Salga, also known as Mai Nasara, shared his transformative vision for Dala Local Government.

To drive economic growth in Dala, Mai Nasara emphasizes the importance of nurturing business start-ups and entrepreneurship. He proposes the establishment of business incubation centers that provide aspiring entrepreneurs with access to funding, mentorship, and essential resources. This initiative aims to create a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem where innovative ideas can flourish, leading to job creation and sustainable economic development.

“Our goal is to create a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem where ideas can flourish, and businesses can grow,” Mai Nasara states. “By supporting start-ups, we can drive innovation and create jobs for our people.”

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Mai Nasara’s vision includes tapping into Dala’s export potentials. He aims to promote local products in international markets, thereby boosting the local economy. His strategy involves improving infrastructure, streamlining export processes, and providing training for local businesses on international trade practices.

“Dala has a wealth of resources that can be harnessed for export,” he notes. “We need to take advantage of global markets to enhance our economic prosperity.”

Mai Nasara stresses the pivotal role of education in driving societal progress. He proposes the establishment of modern educational institutions equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to provide quality education to every child in Dala. This includes vocational training to prepare students for the job market. Recognizing the transformative power of technology, he aims to position Dala as a tech hub by integrating technology in education, business, and governance.

“Education is the cornerstone of development,” he asserts. “We must invest in our youth to secure a prosperous future for Dala.”
Sports are seen by Mai Nasara as vital for community development and youth engagement. His plans include building sports facilities across Dala and organizing regular sports events to identify and nurture local talents.

“Sports not only promote health but also unity and discipline among our youth,” he explains. “We want to create opportunities for our young athletes to excel and represent Dala on national and international platforms.”

A critical aspect of Mai Nasara’s agenda is the support of almajiri children. He advocates for comprehensive programs that provide these children with education, healthcare, and social services. His plan includes integrating almajiri children into mainstream education and providing vocational training to ensure they have opportunities for a better future.
“Every child deserves a chance to succeed,” he asserts. “We must ensure that almajiri children are not left behind in our development plans.”

Under his leadership, the PDP ONE FAMILY initiative seeks to unite members of the PDP in Dala, fostering a spirit of collaboration and shared purpose.
“Unity is strength,” Mai Nasara emphasizes. “By working together, we can overcome challenges and achieve our common goals for the betterment of Dala.”

Alhaji Abdulrahman Salga, A.K.A Mai Nasara, is a visionary leader dedicated to transforming Dala Local Government through strategic initiatives in education, technology, sports, business, and social welfare. His comprehensive development plan, coupled with his commitment to unity through PDP ONE FAMILY, positions him as a formidable force in driving progress and prosperity for Dala. As he continues to champion these causes, the future of Dala looks promising under his dynamic leadership.

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ASR Africa launches N250M sports complex project at Uni Jos Campus




Asile Abel, Jos

The Abdul Samad Rabiu Africa Initiative (ASR Africa), the philanthropic initiative of the Chairman of BUA Group, Abdul Samad Rabiu, has kicked off the construction of the N250 million sport complex for the University of Jos.

ASR Africa is the brainchild of African Industrialist, Philanthropist and Chairman of BUA Group, Abdul Samad Rabiu, the Abdul Samad Rabiu Africa Initiative (ASR Africa) was established in 2021 to provide sustainable, impact-based, homegrown solutions to developmental issues affecting Health, Education and Social Development within Africa.

The sporting facility which is sited at the Naraguta Campus of the university, is set to consolidate the preparedness of the university in hosting the Nigerian Universities Games Association (NUGA).

The facility will feature a 300-seater spectator stand, changing rooms, a lawn tennis court, and a basketball court.
Speaking at the event, the Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Tanko Ishaya, praised the Chairman of ASR Africa, Abdul Samad Rabiu for the critical facility intervention.

He mentioned that at the time of the institution’s nomination by ASR Africa for this laudable project, the university management was concerned about sourcing for funds to meet up with its nomination as the host university for the NUGA games. He added that with the ASR Africa TEGS grant, the university is positioned to host more games during the tournament.

The Vice Chancellor noted that the university signed a memorandum of understanding with the International Sports University in South Korea to develop a comprehensive sports programme to harness the talents that abound across the country in the various fields of sports and “this complex would be a business boost to implement the agreement”.

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The Managing Director of ASR Africa, Ubong Udoh, applauded the management of the University of Jos for being an outstanding institution. He added that all of the universities who are beneficiaries of the ASR Africa Tertiary Education Grant Scheme, were selected based on some stringent criteria which include the quality of leadership, the academic excellence at the University, amongst others.

“I want to start by commending the vice chancellor and the management of the university. He was very right when he said the criteria for qualification for this grant was very, very stringent. It was tight. But the University of Jos was very proactive. They actually sent us an application even before we opened to receive proposals. So they were one of the first universities to send the proposal and of course that put them high on the priority list.

“I congratulate you all for proactive and visionary governance. I want to talk also about another aspect of the criteria for qualifying for this grant, which is the vision and leadership of the university in question. The vice chancellor has proven beyond reasonable doubt. He’s a man of vision, he has created a lot of solutions. He has attracted a lot of development and infrastructure to the university. And I can only say that it was very easy for us to agree to partner with him and to partner with this institution to add value to where the gaps are.

“The choice of a sport complex is also very heartwarming to me. Like the VC said, I’m a sports lover. I’m a product of the university Games system, a proud winner of gold medals at Nigeria University Games Association in basketball. So when we saw the sports complex as a project, I mean, it was very heartwarming for me, because I believe we don’t just provide kids with a place to exercise and get healthy. When we build a sports complex or sports facility, we create a platform for social cohesion, for building unity, for building character. A place where kids can go and build their self esteem and become great citizens. This is a special and unique project and we’re very pleased that University of Jos is embarking on this.

“ASR Africa is the brainchild of Alhaji Abdul Samad Rabiu. It’s a hundred million dollar annual fund for renewal and social development. Samad Rabiu has committed $100 million every year to intervening and creating solutions in the areas of health, education and social development.

“He is passionate about giving. He’s always been a giver. His family has always been a giving family. But he’s also passionate about Africans and Nigerians taking responsibility to solve their own problems, looking inwards and creating our own solutions. This is why he created ASR Africa as a platform where we can look inwards and create solutions to our own problems”; the MD said.

Udoh assured the university of the speedy completion of the project ahead of NUGA games and reiterated the commitment of the Chairman of BUA Group and ASR Africa, in supporting the education sector in Nigeria and Africa as a whole by providing indigenous solutions.

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Dangote Donates Bags Of Rice To 48 Charity Groups



Alhaji Aliko Dangote


Continuing its National Food Intervention Programme, the Aliko Dangote Foundation has facilitated the distribution of thousands of bags of rice to beneficiaries and vulnerable Nigerians in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, with no fewer than 48 charity organizations and orphanages involved in the process.

According to the company’s spokesperson, Anthony Chiejina, the initiative represents a continuation of the Foundation’s commitment to supporting the government and the Nigerian populace in alleviating economic hardship within the country.

Mr. Chiejina noted that following the National Flag-off events in Kano and Lagos, the Foundation initiated the distribution of one million bags of rice throughout all the local government areas in Nigeria last month.

The coordination of the distribution exercise in Abuja is being undertaken by the 1Ummah Foundation, led by Mrs. Azeeza Hassan-Jibril.

Speaking to newsmen, Mrs Jibril said some of the groups that are supporting the ADF in the distribution exercise are: Hope for survival Children’s Home Gishiri, Child to Child Charity Foundation, Gajiya Charity Foundation, Mission for Education, Social and Health (MESH), JADAFIA Group, Network of Women with Disabilities (NWD), Dagam Pilame Community Association, Eeqra Foundation/Orphanage, Leprosarium-Yangoji, Support our troops (SOT) Foundation for widows, Karmajiji Disabled Colony, Bimbola Nutrition and Health Foundation, NASFAT Foundation, and JIBWIS Group among others.
Mrs. Jibril said the donation will greatly and positively impact on the beneficiaries in Abuja.

Reacting, Lead Program Officer of the Mission for Education, Social and Health (MESH), Mrs Khadija Oladipupo, said the rice donation has helped “nourish and uplift those in need within our communities.”

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“Together, we’re making a meaningful difference in the lives of our population, especially those in need,” she said.
In her response, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Gajiya Charity Foundation, Hafsat Umar Gimba, expressed gratitude, describing the intervention as a generous assistance.

She said: “Receiving the items you sent has brought immense relief and comfort to the less privileged in the society during these hard times. Your kindness and compassion have touched their hearts profoundly. The rice provided have eased their burdens and provided them with the necessities they desperately needed.

“Knowing that there are individuals and organizations like ADF and 1Ummah who care deeply about the well-being of others fills me with hope and renewed faith in humanity. May you continue to be blessed abundantly for your noble work, and may your kindness inspire others to lend a helping hand to those in need.”

In the same vein, Administrative Secretary, Movement for Islamic Culture and Awareness (MICA), Adeniyi Akeem Akanbi, said: “we sincerely appreciate your support for the rice given us to share among our members and people of Lugbe environs. We say Jazakah lahu kayran to the Dangote foundation and pray Allah reward the organization abundantly.”
According to the President of Network of Women with Disabilities (NWD), Lois Auta, “Your commitment to supporting marginalized communities, particularly women with disabilities, exemplifies your dedication to social responsibility and compassion. Through your donation, you have not only alleviated the immediate needs of those in our network but also demonstrated solidarity and empathy towards our cause.”

Meanwhile, the President of the JADAFIA Group Mrs. Rakiya S Bamalli said: “I want to express our heartfelt appreciation for the generous donations provided by the Aliko Dangote Foundation during the holy month of Ramadan.

“The contributions have enabled us to expand our Ramadan outreach programs, including the distribution of food packages, iftar meals and essential supplies to families and communities facing hardship. This has made a significant difference in our efforts to provide relief to those in need within our community.”

Responding, representative of the Bimbola Nutrition and Health Foundation Mr. Femi Akosile said: “We take this moment to appreciate Aliko Dangote Foundation for the provision of 10kg bags of rice for distribution to the less privileged and vulnerable groups.

“Your contribution has made a significant impact on our efforts to support those in need in our community. The rice has been distributed to families and individuals who are experiencing food insecurity. We want to sincerely say that your partnership and commitment to making a positive difference in our community are truly inspiring, and we are honored to have had the opportunity to work with you.”

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