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Gov. Yusuf Recieves World Bank Representatives, Seeks Extension of Intervention Projects in Kano




Kano State Government has sought extension of World Bank intervention projects to broaden the socio-economic and developmental impact in the state.

Besides, the government want the World Bank to consider Kano as among its first priorities in tackling multi-dimensional poverty eradication intervention owing to population status.

The Governor Yusuf made the appeal on Wednesday when he received the country Director of World Bank, Mr. Shubham Chaudhuri at the Government House.

In a statement by Sanusi Bature Dawakin-Tofa, Director General, Media and Publicity, Government house, Governor Yusuf pledged his administration commitment to ensuring close monitoring and adherence to standards of projects frameworks as his administration is well-known for its drive on zero tolerance to corruption and quality services delivery.

He then expressed appreciation to the World bank’s interventions to the state in the areas of Education, Agricultural Development, Health care, Water Supply and Sanitation, Social Protection, Government Reforms Initiatives and Climate Change among others.

Earlier, in his submission, the World Bank Country Director, Mr. Shubham Chaudhuri, said he led the bank’s team to Kano to inspect some of its ongoing projects in the state and cement relationship with the new administration.

Mr. Shubham further added that his visit to the Governor was aimed at discussing issues that relates to the Bank projects in the state as well as as to solidify the already existing relationship between Kano State Government and World bank and chart for more mutual areas of collaborations.

The World Bank representative assured support for Kano State in view of its strategic importance.



Kano News

Suspension of Medical Doctor by Kano Hospital Management Board Is Deceptive and Fabricated – NAGGMDP




The National Association of Government General Medical and Dental Practitioners (NAGGMDP) in Kano State has issued a press release disputing claims made by the Hospital Management Board.

In a statement signed by the chairman of the association Dr Aminu Muhammad Kabir issued to newsmen said On May 13, 2024, the Public Relations Officer of the Executive Secretary of the Hospital Management Board released a statement titled “Doctor Suspended Due to Negligence – Dr. Nagoda.”

According to NAGGMDP, the press release is “deceptive, misleading, and fabricated,” filled with inaccuracies and injustice. The association conducted a thorough investigation and found several critical points contradicting the board’s allegations.

The CMAC called again around 3:00 AM, informing the on-call doctor of an impending visit by government officials. However, the doctor, feeling unwell, had fallen asleep before the CMAC’s arrival. NAGGMDP clarified that no one knocked on her door or called her during this time.



Dr Aminu Muhammad Kabir and his secretary Dr Anas Idris said the incident began on May 12, 2024, when a patient was brought to the medical unit of Muhammad Abdullahi Wase Teaching Hospital (MAWTH) around 1:00 PM.

According to them the patients were promptly attended to and admitted by the doctor on call. After a comprehensive evaluation, the patient was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and required emergency dialysis due to deranged electrolytes, urea, and creatinine levels. The patient also tested positive for Hepatitis B.

The attending doctor, along with a senior registrar from Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital (AKTH), reviewed the patient around 5:30 PM and decided to refer the patient to AKTH due to the lack of appropriate dialysis machines at MAWTH. NAGGMDP noted that MAWTH has nine dialysis machines, seven of which are functional but not equipped to handle patients with Hepatitis B, C, or RVD. The remaining two machines, recently acquired by the state government, are not yet operational.

At approximately 2:00 AM, the Chief Medical Director (CMAC) of MAWTH contacted the on-call doctor to inquire about the doctor in the accident and emergency department and the hospital’s policy on dialysis for septic patients. The on-call doctor confirmed that the doctor on duty was present and reiterated that the hospital was not equipped to handle septic dialysis cases. The patient was referred back to MAWTH due to a lack of bed space at AKTH. The patient was then admitted by the triage officer after consulting with the on-call doctor.


Regarding the welfare of Kano State doctors, NAGGMDP stated they are unaware of any allowances approved by the state government. The association described the claims as “baseless, idle, misleading, and fabricated.” Kano State continues to pay a hazard allowance of 4,700 naira, compared to the 35,000 naira paid by the federal government and other states like Delta, Kwara, and Katsina. Additional welfare issues include the revised CONMESS and the Medical Residency Training Fund (MRTF), which the Kano State government has yet to implement.

While other states pay over one million naira per annum to each resident doctor, Kano State pays only 372,000 naira and has yet to settle payments for 2023 and 2024. The state also owes two months’ salaries for 61 medical doctors and has not provided annual increments since 2018. Some doctors are still awaiting financial implementation of their promotions and contract extensions.

NAGGMDP demands the immediate withdrawal of the press release and a public apology to the Kano state doctors within 48 hours, warning that failure to do so could disrupt industrial harmony. Despite the ongoing challenges, the association assured the public that Kano state doctors remain committed to providing effective healthcare services with the highest professionalism.

For NAGGMDP, Dr. Aminu Kabir Muhd, Chairman, and Dr. Anas Idris, Secretary, emphasized the unwavering dedication of Kano state doctors to their duties, despite the challenges facing the healthcare system, including poor remuneration, inadequate manpower, and poor working conditions.

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Kano Champions Private Sector Development  During Industry Familiarization Tour



Adamu Aliyu Kibiya, the Commissioner of Commerce for Kano State says the crucial role of private companies in fostering state development during a familiarization visit to industrial sites in the region.

The tour, he said as  directed by Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf aimed to engage with local businesses and address prevailing issues affecting their operations.

Commissioner Kibiya said “Private companies play a vital role in the development of the state.

It is our responsibility as government officials to provide an enabling environment for their smooth operation.”

Adamu Aliyu Kibiya made the remarks during a visit to Mr. Lee’s industry, renowned for producing slippers and detergent, located in the Jogana area of Kano state.

We are here to see firsthand how you operate and to discuss what the government can do to ensure the smooth operation of the state,” Commissioner Kibiya expressed, emphasizing the interdependency between government and private enterprises. He pledged the government’s commitment to inviting more investors to Kano State, facilitating economic growth and job creation.

During the visit, Ahmad Haruna Zago, a consultant with the company, provided insights into its history, revealing that it was established in 1993 and currently employs over 4,000 workers.

The company’s workforce hails from various communities, including Gezawa, Gabasawa, Nassarawa, and Fagge, highlighting its significant impact on local employment and livelihoods.

Continuing the tour, Commissioner Kibiya also visited Gerawa Rice Mills and Oil, where he reiterated the government’s support for the agricultural sector.

Accirding to the commissioner Kano State’s commitment to fostering a conducive environment for private sector growth and economic prosperity is underway.

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Kano Governor signs into law, premarital health screening Bill




The Governor of Kano State, Alhaji Abba Kabir Yusuf, officially assented to the Kano State Premarital Health Screening Law, which mandates premarital health screening for all prospective couples.

As per the new law, no wedding will be permitted in Kano without the presentation of a health screening certificate for genotype, hepatitis B and C, HIV/AIDS, and other related illnesses.

In a statement issued by the governor’s spokesperson, Sunusi Bature Dawakin Tofa, the law was deemed necessary to reduce the likelihood of children being born with underlying health issues such as sickle cell anemia, HIV/AIDS, and hepatitis.

This initiative aligns with the Kano state governor’s commitment to enhancing and providing a conducive environment for the healthcare sector, aiming to make Kano free from or significantly reduce health challenges.

The law necessitates mandatory testing for HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, genotype, and other relevant examinations before marriage.

It also prohibits any discrimination or stigmatization against individuals living with HIV/AIDS, sickle cell anemia , hepatitis, and related conditions.

During the signing ceremony, Governor Abba
Kabir Yusuf emphasized that the purpose of implementing the law is to uphold the sanctity of marriages in Kano State and ensure the birth of healthy offspring, free from any preventable illnesses.

Upon approval by the state house of assembly and endorsement by the Kano state governor, the law was signed on the 6th of May 2024 and will come into effect on May 13, 2024.

It is mandated by the law that any individual intending to marry must undergo testing for HIV, Hepatitis B and C, genotype, and any other relevant tests before marriage.

Furthermore, the law prohibits the formalization of any marriage contract for individuals planning to marry without presenting a test certificate from a government-approved health facility.

Moreover, the law specifies that any individual found in violation of its provisions commits an offense and, upon conviction, may face a fine of up to five hundred thousand Naira, for a minimum of five years, or both.


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