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We are not recruiting ethnic Militias-Plateau Govt




By Asile Abel, Jos

Plateau State Governor, Barr. Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang, has in very strong terms condemned a misleading statement concocted by mischief makers, alleging that his administration is clandestinely recruiting and training militias disguised as Counter Terrorism Operatives.

The Governor attributes these unfortunate claims to individuals who are crisis Marchants and do not want peace to return to the state. He emphasized that the unfortunate falsehood is deliberately crafted to mislead citizens and instigate confusion.

In a statement in Jos, Governor Mutfwang vehemently refuted these unfounded allegations, pointing out that his administration is committed to reinforcing the established state security outfit, “Operation Rainbow.” This initiative, he said is being done in collaboration with Federal security agencies and is aimed at enhancing the protection of rural communities across Plateau State.

Governor Mutfwang clarified that the selection of competent and trustworthy youths from the 17 Local Government Areas for training, is solely focused on providing early warning signals, for prompt interventions by conventional security agencies. He stressed that the ongoing training, which is focused on areas facing significant security challenges, will extend to other council areas without delay.

Dismissing these insinuations from the faceless authors, Governor Mutfwang reassured Plateau citizens of his unwavering dedication to fostering a united and inclusive Plateau. Emphasizing the administration’s commitment to upholding constitutional principles of safeguarding lives and property, he said he remains resolute in the pursuit of unity within the state and undeterred by falsehoods.

Governor Mutfwang called on peace-loving citizens to remain peaceful and support government initiatives towards a Peaceful and Prosperous Plateau.


Arrest Kwankwaso Now-Group




The Arewa Youths Merger Group has called for the immediate arrest of Senator Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso, the National Leader and 2023 Presidential Candidate of the New Nigeria Peoples Party .This is contained in a press statement signed by. the chairman of the group Musa Mujahid Zantawa and made available to press.

This follows his recent statement accusing the All Progressive Congress (APC)-led Federal Government of fostering a new generation of Boko Haram terrorists and insurgents in Northern Nigeria.

Kwankwaso’s allegations have sparked significant controversy, prompting a strong reaction from the Arewa Youths Merger Group.
In a statement issued in Abuja, the association’s leader, Musa Mujahid Zaitawa, condemned Kwankwaso’s remarks as inflammatory and detrimental to national security.

Zaitawa asserted that such statements could exacerbate tensions and potentially incite violence in the region.

“Kwankwaso’s unfounded accusations against the federal government are not only reckless but also dangerous. They undermine efforts to combat terrorism and promote peace in Northern Nigeria,”

Zaitawa said. “We urge the authorities to take immediate action and arrest him to prevent further escalation of hostilities.”

Kwankwaso, a prominent political figure and former Governor of Kano State, made the controversial statement during a recent public address.

He accused the APC administration of failing to address the root causes of terrorism and instead contributing to its proliferation.

According to Kwankwaso, government actions and policies are inadvertently creating conditions conducive to the rise of a new breed of insurgents.

The situation remains tense as stakeholders from various sectors weigh in on the implications of Kwankwaso’s statement and the response from the Arewa Youths Merger Group.

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Any Plot to Arrest My Supporters Will Be Resisted – Gov. Fubara



Governor Fubara of Rivers State


Rivers State Governor, Sir Siminalayi Fubara, has assured that he will fearlessly lead the way to ensure that peace continued to prevail in the State while also protecting all patriotic supporters for their stand on the path of truth.

Governor Fubara made the vow while addressing newsmen, shortly after rising from a State Security Council meeting with heads of the security agencies at Government House in Port Harcourt on Tuesday.

The Governor emphasised that no grand plan to arrest such patriotic supporters on trumped-up charges will be tolerated.

Governor Fubara stated that there is no extension of tenure of elected local government chairmen, adding that the law is unambiguous on it, clarifying that the court has also affirmed the position of the law.

The Governor said: “Let me also say this: I’m also aware that there is a grand plan to come and arrest some of our supporters. This time around, you have to pass through me to arrest them because I don’t think there is anything that any of those people following us has done. Rather, they are standing on the side of truth.

If it will cost us our lives to stand on the part of truth, we will do that. And I will be the one that will lead the course,” he added.

Governor Fubara further said: “Let me assure everyone, more especially, the great and peace- loving people of Rivers State: the law is the law. The law has said that there is no extension of tenure.

The court said so, and whoever that is assuring anybody anywhere of whatever, I advise them to desist from it because peace is what we need in this State.

“I assure everyone of you that whatever it takes to make sure that we maintain peace and order, we are not going back on that,” he emphasised.

Governor Fubara explained that the Security Council Meeting was called because of the recent threat to the peace of the State by the outgone chairmen of the Local Government Councils.

The Governor said: “You are all aware that the tenure of the council chairmen ended yesterday, 17th June, 2024, and today, we have ordered the Heads of Local Government Administration to be in charge while they await further directives.

It’s really unfortunate that we started hearing some disturbing news from some LGAs of invasion of council secretariats, and it is really unfortunate. So, we have called the Security Council Meeting so that the needful will be done.

“We are also aware that our enemy is also planning a lot of things. But we will not fall into that plot. We will not also allow him or them to destroy the peace that we are enjoying in the State,” he added.

He thanked the media and the peace-loving people of the State for their support, and urged everyone to continue to remain law-abiding for the unity and progress of the State.

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Kwankwaso Lauds Kwankwassiya Movement’s Unity Amidst Grand Sallah Celebration



Kwankwaso addressing supporters

Senator Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso, leader of the Kwankwassiya Movement and New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP), expressed  gratitude to the members and supporters of the movement during a vibrant Sallah celebration event held on Tuesday, June 18 at his miller road residence in Kano.

The event, characterized by an outpouring of unity and cultural displays, underscored the movement’s commitment to peace and justice.

Addressing the gathering, Senator Kwankwaso praised the Kwankwassiya Songs Group for their inspiring performances, noting their significant influence not only within the movement but across the nation. “These songs resonate deeply with Hausa-speaking communities everywhere, convincing many of our followers and reinforcing our message of peace and unity,” Kwankwaso said.

He extended his appreciation to Alhaji Tijjani Gandu, the Chairman of the Kwankwassiya Songs Group, and to Dr. Yusuf Kofar Mata, who led the Organizing Committee, for orchestrating such a successful event. Senator Kwankwaso emphasized the peaceful nature of the Kwankwassiya members and reflected on past electoral challenges. He recalled the 2019 election, where despite their victory, external forces intervened. In 2023, despite renewed efforts by what he termed as “enemies of the State,” their overwhelming win was upheld, ensuring continued peace and order in Kano.

Senator Kwankwaso addressed current issues surrounding the Emirate Council, thanking supporters for their steadfastness and highlighting the unwavering loyalty within the movement. “Even today, the 44 Local Government chairmen of our party reaffirmed that not a single member has left the Kwankwassiya Movement,” he proudly announced.

Dr. Yusuf Kofarmata, Kano State Commissioner for Higher Education, also spoke at the event, celebrating Sallah with the leader and urging attendees to reflect on the lessons of the festival to build a better society. The event saw a diverse array of cultural performances from local and national musicians and artists, showcasing dance steps from Nupe, Tiv, Jos, and various regions of Nigeria.

The Sallah celebration in Kano was a testament to the solidarity and resilience of the Kwankwassiya Movement, bringing together party leadership, friends, and well-wishers from across Nigeria and beyond.

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