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Just in: Kano State Governor Appoints Former Tetfund Boss As SSG



Abdullahi Baffa Bichi,SSG,


Kano state Governor Engineer Abba Kabir Yusuf has approved the appointment of former tertiary education fund as secretary to Kano state Government.

In a statement signed by the Governor’s Chief press secretary Sunusi Bature Dawakin Tofa stated as follows

The Executive Governor of Kano state His Excellency Alhaji Abba Kabir Yusuf wishes to announce the following appointments.

1. Hon. Shehu Wada Sagagi,
Chief of Staff

2. Abdullahi Baffa Bichi, PhD Secretary to the State Government

3. Dr. Farouq Kurawa
Principal Private Secretary

4. Hon. Abdullahi Ibrahim Rogo, Chief Protocol

5. Sanusi Bature Dawakin Tofa, Chief Press Secretary

These appointments take effect from today, Monday 29th May, 2023. The appointees were selected based on their track records, commitment and loyalty.


Kano News

Diphtheria kills 520 children in Kano- Govt



Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf


Ibrahim Muhammad

Kano State Government said over 520 children feared dead in a recent diphtheria out break in the state.

Director General Kano state Primary HealthCare management Board Dr. Muhammed Nasir Mahmoud confirmed this while speaking at a one day media orientation for media practitioner on diphtheria outbreak in Kano held on Tuesday.

He said since the outbreak of the disease in December 2022 kano state has recorded 8700 suspected cases out of which 6300 were confirmed cases.

He said out of the 44 LGAs of Kano state, the Diphtheria disease has spread to 39 LGAs with eight most affected where zero routine immunization was recorded.

According to him” only 27% children were fully vaccinated, 7.5% partly vaccinated, 59.9% not vaccinated and 5.5% unknown”

He said Kano state government with support from Federal Government and development partners are working closely to end the disease by December, 2023.

UNICEF Health Manager Dr. Serekeberehan S. Deres said the situation of children who have not received a single doses of immunization is critical, totally unacceptable and urgently need to be addressed.

According to NCDC “data shows, 60,7 per cent of confirmed cases of Diphtheria are zero-dose, meaning they have not been vaccinated at all”

He said some of the symptoms of the disease include, sore throat, difficulty in breath or rapid breathing, nasal discharge, fever and chills.

He noted that Nigeria needs to strengthen the Routine Immunization coverage to
address this challenge.

Dr Deres therefore called on the participants to be in the vanguard of sensitizing and mobilizing caregivers, government, families, communities, and everyone, on the importance of Routine Immunization.

It was reported that 80% of diphtheria cases was recorded in Kano state and out of which 60.8 are children.

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Kano News

Kano State Vows to Sustain HIV/AIDS Funding Amid Partner Decrease”



The gathering


The Kano State Government (KNSG) has pledged to maintain its current level of funding for HIV/AIDS initiatives in the state. This commitment comes as the support from partner organizations gradually decreases, prompting the government to take ownership and ensure sustainability.

Dr. Usman Bashir, the Director General of the Kano State Agency for the Control of AIDS, announced this during the closing of a two-day workshop organized by the Agency. The workshop received support from Solina International Development and Research (SCIDaR) and took place at Hotel Seventeen in Kaduna on Sunday.

Dr. Usman Bashir explained that the purpose of the workshop was to finalize and align the Agency’s Annual Operations Plans with those of its supporting partners. This alignment aims to strengthen HIV/AIDS activities in the upcoming year of 2024, minimizing duplication and the wastage of scarce resources by reallocating them to areas of greater need.

Furthermore, he highlighted that the Kano State Agency for the Control of AIDS (KSACA) is actively planning and preparing its team to implement activities independently as an implementing partner. This shift in approach is necessary as donor support is dwindling. The agency is also dedicated to enhancing the capacity of its staff to ensure long-term ownership and sustainability of HIV/AIDS programs.

Dr. Usman Bashir expressed his appreciation for all partners involved in the HIV response in the state. He acknowledged their participation in showcasing their Tentative Annual Operations Plans (AOP) during the workshop, which allowed for harmonization and input from stakeholders.

This engagement, a first of its kind for the agency, resulted in a comprehensive AOP with detailed costings, awaiting finalization in the State Budget. The Kano State Government remains committed to addressing the challenges posed by HIV/AIDS, ensuring that essential funding is sustained despite the decrease in partner support

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Kano News

Over 5.2 Million Primary School Pupils in Kano; A Stark Reality of 4 Million Children Seating on Bare Floors



KANO, Nigeria – In a striking revelation, Kano State Commissioner for Education, Umar Haruna Doguwa, disclosed that the state’s primary school system currently accommodates more than 5.2 million students, with a concerning 4 million of them forced to sit on the bare floor due to inadequate facilities.

This revelation came to light during an interview on BBC Hausa’s “A Fada A Cika” program, aimed at newly appointed political officeholders and focused on their commitment to fulfilling campaign promises.

The startling statistics, brought forth by Commissioner Doguwa, have underscored the grim educational challenges faced by Kano State, which is grappling with an immense student population that far exceeds the capacity of existing infrastructure. The dire situation has raised concerns about the quality of education and the overall well-being of these students.

In response to audience inquiries about the deteriorating state of education in Kano, Umar Haruna Doguwa acknowledged the urgency of addressing this issue. He highlighted the need for immediate intervention to improve the educational environment for Kano’s young learners, emphasizing that every child deserves a conducive and dignified learning space.

This revelation has ignited a renewed call for increased investment in education infrastructure and resources to ensure a brighter future for the millions of students in Kano State. As the government grapples with this educational crisis, the focus remains on fulfilling promises to provide quality education and a comfortable learning environment for all

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