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NACGRAB, Crop Trust tasks farmers on using resilient crops to tackle climate change



The workshop


The National Centre for Genetic Resources and Biotechnology (NACGRAB) and Global Crop Diversity Trust have urged farmers to adopt resilient crops to tackle climate change and ensure food security.

The Director NACGRAB, Dr Sunday Aladele, said this in an interview on the sideline of the Technical Working Group’s meeting on users’ engagement on Friday in Kano.

Aladele who said that the project’s target was to address climate change, advised Nigerian farmers to adopt the centre’s climate resilient seeds under the `Crop for Resilience’ project.

He said that the project, supported by the Global Crop Diversity Trust, intended to mitigate effects of climate change in Nigeria.

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Aladele noted that the essence of the meeting was to relate with the Technical Working Group to know their roles in the user engagement project.

According to him, Technical Working Group and NACGRAB will continue to support and guide the farmers on selecting the right variety for cultivation.

He said that the Germ plasm Users Group (GUG) for sorghum and cowpea and other crops with relevance to climate change, would guide farmers in selecting the right variety for cultivation.

He advised the farmers to multiply the seeds in large number and share with others

Also, Crop trust consultant, Dr Fred Rattunde, stressed the importance of crop conservation saying that it will enable researchers to access the different indigenous crop samples in the gene-bank for breeding, particularly in view of the climate change.

He said that it would also assist to increase agricultural productivity and guarantee food security in the country.

Rattunde, who described the project as courageous and pioneering, called for synergy and strong linkage between farmers and the centre.

Similarly, the Country Representative of ICRISAT Nigeria, Mr Angarawai Ignatius, urged the farmers to change their traditional mindset by adopting NACGRAB climate resilient seeds under crop for resilience project.

He also said that the project, supported by Crop Trust, aimed at mitigating effects of climate change in Nigeria.

Members of the Technical Working Group who spoke at the meeting urged NACGRAB to continue to support and guide the farmers on selecting the right seeds variety for cultivation.


Northern Senators Commends ECOWAS Leaders For Lifting Sanctions On Niger Republic




Abuja. – Today, the Northern Senators Forum expresses it’s heartfelt appreciation and commendation to the exceptional leaders of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) for their decisive action in lifting sanctions imposed on Niger Republic as a result of military takeover on 26th July, 2023. We are pleased to see that ECOWAS has responded to the progressive requests made by us individually and collectively on the subject matter, and we commend their prudent and compassionate approach in addressing these critical issues.

The Northern Senators Forum believes that the principled and empathetic decision made by ECOWAS to lift the sanctions on Niger Republic is a testament to the organization’s commitment to regional solidarity, cooperation, and respect for human rights. We understand that this action will go a long way in alleviating the suffering of the people of Niger Republic, as well as ensuring the restoration of stability and economic prosperity in our region.

We are particularly grateful that ECOWAS leaders have considered our pleas to restore electricity, open borders, and lift the sanctions on Niger Republic. These measures will not only have crucial humanitarian implications, but will also foster regional integration, trade, and cooperation. We firmly believe that this step taken by ECOWAS will positively impact the lives of the people of Niger Republic and Nigeria and facilitate the restoration of trust and harmony among all member states.

As representatives of the people and advocates for justice and democracy, we commend ECOWAS for their responsiveness and understanding of the immense challenges faced by our fellow West African nation. The Northern Senators Forum stands in solidarity with ECOWAS IN restoring democracy and rule of law in Niger Republic and other west African countries, and we are committed to working to promote stability, peace, and socio-economic development throughout the region.

The Northern Senators Forum urges the government of Niger Republic and its people to seize this opportunity to hasten the process of returning to democratic governance to build a stronger and more prosperous nation, harnessing their resilient spirit and unwavering determination. Furthermore, we urge all regional stakeholders to continue engaging in dialogue and pursuing peaceful solutions to address any remaining concern, fostering a harmonious environment for progress and development.

Finally, the Northern Senators Forum would like to reiterate its deep appreciation to ECOWAS leaders especially President Bola Ahmed Tinubu of Nigeria for their proactive and benevolent intervention in lifting the sanctions imposed on Niger Republic. We are confident that this decision will leave an indelible mark on the collective consciousness of all West African nations and serve as a shining example for resolving differences through dialogue and diplomacy.


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BREAKING: ECOWAS lifts sanctions against Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso



President Bola Ahmad Tinubu addressing the Extraordinary meeting of ECOWAS heads of state in Abuja,Photo:Channels TV


The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has lifted sanctions imposed on Niger Republic, Mali, Burkina Faso, member nations that are ruled by military.

The authorities of ECOWAS on Saturday said the decision was based on humanitarian considerations, especially because of the Lenten period and the approaching month of Ramadan.

The regional bloc also lifted sanctions on Republic of Guinea-Bissau.

To invite all four countries to a meeting.

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Kano Unity Forum Urges Drug Dealers to Comply with Court Directives and Relocate to Dangwauro



Alhaji Gidado Mukhtar addressing the Press

Alhaji Gidado Mukhtar, representing the unity forum, addressed the press in Kano, highlighting the city’s historic significance as a commercial hub spanning centuries, despite facing challenges from colonial and post-colonial legacies.

Recent years have seen a surge in attempts to undermine Kano through the importation of dangerous drugs, posing a grave threat to its future and Northern Nigeria at large, with drug dealers operating openly in markets like Muhammad Abubakar Rimi Market, Sabongari.
Statistics from the NDLEA reveal alarming figures, with substantial quantities of psychotropic substances seized within a short span, prompting urgent action to safeguard society’s future.

The Kano State Government, disturbed by the situation, initiated the establishment of a modern pharmaceutical market within the new Kano Economic City at Dangwauro through a Public-Private Partnership (PPP), aiming to regulate and monitor unlawful activities.

Despite efforts to relocate dealers to the new market, resistance persists, with the perpetrators going to the extent of instituting legal action against directives, recently ruled against by the court.

Stakeholders emphasize the intolerability of allowing illicit drugs to pervade society, asserting a unified stance against the trade’s detrimental impact on Kano’s fabric, and vow to employ all legitimate means to halt its spread.

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